Cucumber Sub

The cucumber sub picnic sandwich is a classic combination of crunchy cucumber, creamy mayonnaise, and the tasty tang of turkey.


– 1 large cucumbers – 4 tsp mayonnaise – 1 medium tomato, sliced into circles – 2 leaves lettuce – 2 oz turkey slices – 2 slices provolone cheese


Wash the cucumber and place it on your cutting board. Cut both ends off each cucumber, then cut it in half. Cut each piece in half lengthwise in this way you will get 4 same length pieces of cucumber of which you can make 2 sandwiches. Take off the seeds using a spoon or knife, whatever works best for you. Add a teaspoon of mayonnaise on each cucumber piece.

Fill in some textAdd lettuce leaf in the middle of one cucumber piece. Over the lettuce add a few slices of previously sliced tomatoes, a slice of provolone cheese and a few turkey slices folded in half.


Roll one turkey slice and place into a second empty cucumber.  Place the second half cucumber over the first one to create a sandwich. Repeat the same procedure for the other cucumber.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to make the best cucumber sub picnic sandwich around.