Egg Club Sandwiches Mini

Creating these delightful handhelds requires a few staple kitchen ingredients and can be whipped up in no time. Get ready to transform your breakfast routine with this simple recipe that packs a punch in the flavor department.


– 2 eggs – 2 tbsp Mayonnaise – Salt and black pepper to taste – 3 bread slices – 1 tbsp butter – ⅓ pack cress – Lettuce leaf – 2 slices of each ham and cheese


Place the eggs in a hot water and let them boil for a few minutes. Cool them under cold water, peel them and cut them into small pieces. Pour the eggs in a big bowl together with the mayonnaise, add some salt and black pepper to taste and stir everything with a spoon.


Toast the bread slices for a minute or two until they get golden brown. Add some butter on the bread until it is still warm so it is going to melt. Add a few tablespoons of the egg salad, some cress and cover with another slice of bread.


Spread the rest of the mayonnaise on the top of the bread slice, add lettuce leaves, a few slices of ham and cheese, a little more of the egg salad and another bread slice.

Perfect for brunch, quick weekday breakfasts, or as a healthy snack, these egg club sandwiches mini promise to become a new favorite!