waterproof picnic blanket

10 Best Waterproof Picnic Blankets in 2021 (Ultimate Guide)

Unlike traditional blankets, waterproof picnic blankets are designed to keep you dry and comfortable even if the ground/grass is wet or damp. A proper outdoor blanket should be comfortable, durable, easy to clean and versatile. The top fabric should be soft and comfy, and the backing material should be waterproof and sturdy. In the past,

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picnic blankets

12 Best Picnic Blankets of 2021 (cute, portable & waterproof)

Comfortable, soft, spacious, portable, waterproof and durable, a picnic blanket is always a trusty companion. Whether you’re headed to the beach, to the park or you just want to lounge in your own backyard, we’ve picked the best picnic blankets available on the market.  If you want to see what makes a good picnic blanket,

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How to Keep Food Cold at Picnics & BBQs (11 Genius Tips)

Nothing starts off a beautiful summer-like quality time under the sun with your family and friends. No storm in sight to blow your picnic hats away. This is the time when most people prepare to host an epic picnic, and the first thing to consider is making sure your guests are entertained and the heat

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How to Keep Food Warm for a Picnic: 7 Proven Ways

Going out on a breezy day with your friends or family to spend quality time is a great way to relax and bond with the people you love. Picnics make such an experience even more memorable as you get to be in close proximity and share a variety of meals. Since most people enjoy having

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kids picnic tables

7 Best Kids Picnic Tables in 2021 (The Ultimate Guide)

Whether you want to have your kids’ friends come over and enjoy lunch, playtime, or crafting outside so they don’t make the mess inside, or you want to have picnics in the parks, you need a reliable kids picnic table to make your life easier. Kids love having their own dedicated spot to play together,

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picnic tablecloth

5 Stylish Picnic Tablecloths We’re Loving Right Now

After reviewing more than 30 picnic tablecloths, we found five stylish, stain-resistant, spill proof and easy to clean tablecloths perfect to cover your outdoor table.  They add style to any picnic table and come in various beautiful color patterns and shapes. Here are our favorite models available on the market. Best Picnic Tablecloths: Our Top Picks Benson

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where to buy picnic baskets

The 5 Best Places to Buy a Picnic Basket in 2021

Shopping for picnic baskets can be overwhelming, so if you’re wondering where to buy a picnic basket, you’re not the only one. There are so many stores out there, and a lot of them don’t offer free delivery, and they’re also ultra-expensive. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the best places you

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picnic beach blanket

The 5 Best Picnic Beach Blankets of 2021 (Sand-Free!)

If you’re looking for the perfect beach picnic blanket, you’re in the right place. We’ve spent hours comparing dozens of products and selected our favorite beach mats available today on the market.  A good beach mat should be water-resistant, comfortable, easy to transport, and designed to be sand-free. Here are our favorite picks, with pros

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