clear plastic table cover mat

4 Best Clear Plastic Table Covers (protective & stylish)

Clear plastic table covers are practical accessories designed to protect your dining tables, tablecloths or furniture tops against damage, scratches, stains, or spills.  After hours of research, we selected our favorite transparent tablecloths that are ideal for your indoor or outdoor dining tables. We looked for quality, durability, style and best value for the money,

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outdoor tablecloth with umbrella hole

4 Best Outdoor Tablecloths with Umbrella Hole (practical & pretty)

Looking for the perfect outdoor tablecloth designed with an umbrella hole to fit your patio or picnic table? You’re in the right place.  We reviewed dozens of products and found the best ones on the market. A proper tablecloth should be spillproof, water-resistant, durable and machine washable.  Our favorite picks are all equipped with a

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stop tablecloth from sliding or slipping off

6 Ingenious Ideas to Keep Your Tablecloth from Sliding

If you’re looking for efficient ways to stop your tablecloth from slipping or sliding off the table, you’re in the right place. We’re here to help you out and give you the best solutions. Wooden tables are usually very slippery and keeping your tablecloth in place can get tricky, especially if you have cats that

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how to stop tablecloth from blowing away

5 Clever Ways to Keep Tablecloths from Blowing Away

Wind can ruin your beautiful outdoor events, whether we’re talking about picnics, family reunions, tea parties or patio dinners. If you’re wondering how to keep your tablecloth fixed on your table or keep it from blowing away on windy days and save your events, here are some clever solutions for you.  The best way is

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tablecloth clips

3 Tablecloth Clips to Keep Your Table Cover in Place

Keep your tablecloths in place and don’t let a windy day ruin your beautiful outdoor event. A great way to keep your table cover from flying away is to secure it with tablecloth clips.  We reviewed dozens of clips, clamps and all kinds of holders, and finally, we’ve picked our favorite three clips that will

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picnic tablecloth

5 Stylish Picnic Tablecloths We’re Loving Right Now

After reviewing more than 30 picnic tablecloths, we found five stylish, stain-resistant, spill proof and easy to clean tablecloths perfect to cover your outdoor table.  They add style to any picnic table and come in various beautiful color patterns and shapes. Here are our favorite models available on the market. Best Picnic Tablecloths: Our Top Picks Benson

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picnic cheese boards

5 Best Picnic Cheese Boards with Cutlery Sets (2021)

Cheeseboards full of tasty cheeses, crunchy crackers, sweet jams, olives, fruits, nuts, and meats are ideal for picnics, parties, get-togethers, family dinners, romantic dates, and basically for any special events. After days of research, we’ve reviewed and picked our favorite cheese serving boards on the market, based on strict criteria. The best cheese board set

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