how to protect grass from fire pit

How to Protect Grass from a Fire Pit (8 Proven Ways)

For a healthy and good-looking lawn, you want to avoid any conditions, like heat stress, that can ruin the aesthetics and most importantly, the health of your grass.  Heat stress is one of the biggest contributors to long-term grass problems. It occurs when the sun, or in this case, the fire pit, gets intense, and

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how to store outdoor cushions when it rains

How to Store Outdoor Cushions When it Rains (3 Simple Ways)

As the days get rainy, you should find the best place to store cushions so they remain dry and well-preserved. When you have properly cleaned and allowed your patio cushions to fully dry, you can store them until spring. We’ve created a list of the most efficient ways to store your outdoor cushions when it

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do outdoor carpets get moldy

Do Outdoor Rugs Get Moldy? (Answered!)

Rugs that are used outdoors are typically made from waterproof materials and coated with special protective coatings that prevent mold growth, dry quickly, and block moisture. In this Article Do outdoor rugs get moldy? Even though they’re made of mold-resistant synthetic materials, outdoor rugs can still get moldy.  The accumulation of dirt and moisture in carpet

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