How to Store Outdoor Cushions When it Rains (3 Simple Ways)

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As the days get rainy, you should find the best place to store cushions so they remain dry and well-preserved. When you have properly cleaned and allowed your patio cushions to fully dry, you can store them until spring.

We’ve created a list of the most efficient ways to store your outdoor cushions when it rains.


Oversized Storage Bag

Heavy-Duty Deck Box

Moisture Absorbant Packs

How to Store Outdoor Cushions When it Rains

1. Pick a dry and well-ventilated indoor space

Ideally, if you have enough space, store them inside the house.

The best place to store cushions is probably inside an indoor closet, or in a dedicated storage room since these are usually climate-controlled spaces.

Garages are usually not well-ventilated and the air is more humid there, which can cause cushions to deteriorate and get mildew.

2. Use water resistant storage bags

A quick and efficient solution is to store your cushions and covers in a water-resistant storage bag. 

They are usually very large, zippered, and come in oversized sizes, able to fit various cushion seats, large patio cushions, throw pillows, and basically anything else you want. 

People can fit their entire backyard cushions in one case. 

While this is a very practical solution, be aware that most of these bags are water-repellant, and not waterproof. 

This means that you still need to place them in a dry-covered area.

Additionally, you can add reusable moisture-absorbing packets like these ones to make sure cushions remain dry and well-protected from moisture.

Some people even use Christmas tree bags to store their outdoor furniture. This can be a good alternative until you order a proper bag.

3. Use weatherproof deck storage boxes

If you have the space, you can invest in a proper deck storage box. 

We recommend the Lifetime Heavy-Duty Deck Box (link to Amazon) which is weatherproof, spacious, well-constructed with rust-resistant hardware, and very fashionable. 

The box will allow air to circulate while keeping everything dry inside. We love that you can use it as a patio bench, as it’s very strong and durable.

It holds up well even at below-freezing temperatures, so it’s perfect to use even in winter times.

Bonus Tip: Keep cushions off the ground

Don’t store your cushions directly on the ground. Store them at least 10 inches off the ground, in a place that doesn’t get too warm or too cold. 

Keep them on a pallet or shelf while not in use, so the air can circulate and prevent any moisture from transferring to your cushions. 

Moisture is the number one reason why mildew grows on your outdoor cushions or carpets.

Can You leave outdoor cushions in the rain?

In short light rains, yes, especially if your cushions are already made of a water-resistant material. 

Otherwise, during a rainstorm, it’s highly recommended to cover your cushions with waterproof patio covers or better, to take them indoors in dry storage space.

As a precautionary method, always treat your cushions with waterproof spray.

How do you dry patio cushions after it rains?

Bring them indoors in a well-ventilated and climate-controlled room. Hang them or turn them on their side to allow them to drain. 

It’s best to place them in direct sun or in front of a fan.

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