How To Keep Outdoor Rugs From Blowing Away (9 Easy Tips)

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A few months back, when I visited my grandma, I heard her complain about how the outdoor rug keeps blowing away and how she has tried everything in her capacity to keep it in place.

You may have, or dream of having an outdoor seating area in your home, with beautiful furniture, maybe a barbecue, and a big outdoor rug to spice things up, just like my grandma’s.

But you don’t want to have days when you come out to your patio, to find your outdoor rug blown across your compound.

Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that can help keep your rug in place. Using outdoor rug grippers, screwing them to the wood deck, keeping two legs of your heavy couch on the rug at all times, adding more decoration with potty plants, and choosing heavier mats can do the trick.

How to keep your outdoor rug from blowing away

1. Use Outdoor Rug Grippers

Aside from keeping your outdoor rug from blowing away, these products also help keep the floor and the rug from getting damaged by dirt and debris.

A quality outdoor rug gripper is important because it helps keep your outdoor rug looking fresh and safe. However, some are not ideal for your needs.

Our best recommendations:

Gorilla Grip Extra Strong Rug Pad Gripper at Amazon

Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper at Amazon

What should you look out for in an outdoor rug gripper?


A good outdoor rug gripper should have materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and provide grip. Fabrics that can protect the surface from scratching and staining. Some of them include:


· Rubber

· Latex  


An outdoor rug gripper should be about an inch smaller than the rug on all sides.


A quality outdoor rug gripper should have a porous surface that can absorb and retain water.

UV resistance

Helps them from fading and discoloration.

2. Use Outdoor Rug Weights

We have mentioned that using heavier rugs could keep your outdoor rugs in place. If this is something you want to consider, here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

What are the weather conditions where you live? The windier it is, the heavier your outdoor rug weight should be.

If you can afford a very weighty rug, we think you don’t need to buy a lighter weight one and tools to keep them in place.

The ideal weight of an outdoor rug is 300g.

How to keep outdoor rugs in place on concrete

Outdoor rugs on your concrete floor are prone to get blown away by the wind. To  keep them in place, this you can use these methods that will keep them steady in the windiest times.

1. Use Heavy-Duty Rug Tape


Instructions (Step By Step)

1: Clean the concrete floor to remove dust and debris.

2: Clean your outdoor rug backing.

3: Measure your rug area to get the size that will be used to mark the concrete floor.

4: Stick your rug tape to the concrete, don’t remove the plastic cover of the other part at this point.

5: Place your rug as you peel off the plastic cover. Please note that this tape is very sticky, so you’ll be careful.

This guide doesn’t require professional help, however, if it seems too difficult, you should consider the alternatives.

2. Secure the rug with heavy potted pots

Place potted pots on the edge of the rug. This can also add more decoration to your outdoor seating area.

3. Place heavy furniture on top of them

Place the two front legs of your patio chairs or sofa on the rug. If your outdoor rug is not big enough to do this, place your center table on it instead.

4. Use heavier outdoor rugs

Our favorite outdoor rug tape

Scotch Outdoor Carpet Tape for Concrete, Patios & Decks at Amazon

How to secure an outdoor rug to a wooden deck

1. Use Fender Washers

A simple and effective way to keep your outdoor rug in place is by screwing them to the deck using fender washers. Choose screws that are coated with stainless steel so they don’t rust easily.

Put four washers on each corner and secure them with a countersinking screw. This method is very secure and will keep your rug looking its best.

How to keep your welcome mat from blowing away

Welcome mats are outdoor mats still, but smaller in size and weight than the outdoor rug mats for patios. You do not have the option of placing potted plants, or the legs of the furniture on them to keep them in place.

However, there are things you can do to stop picking up your doormat from across your yard.

1. Use velcro strips

Velcro strips will hold your welcome mats securely in one place for a long time. Installation is quite easy and similar to that of rug tapes.

2. Use heavier welcome mats

Our favorite welcome mats

1. Mtouock durable doormats at Amazon

2. Mibao Durable door mat at Amazon

Bonus Tip: Use Outdoor Rug Anchors

Rug anchors are pegs that you can use to clip your outdoor rugs to the surface to keep them from moving. They are not very popular like rug tape but they can be very useful.

To use rug anchors for your anchor rugs, we recommend you place a carpet as a base for your rugs.

Push the rug pin through the rug or mat and the carpet and pad to the floor.  Then angle the rug pin under the pad pointed in the direction that the rug has been moving.

In conclusion, a well-placed outdoor rug can add some style to your patio or any other outdoor space.

When the wind gets in the way of your outdoor rug’s placement, its purpose is defeated.

Fortunately, there are ways to fix this issue. From outdoor rug grips to fender washers, rug tapes, and anchors, we expect you to find a way to keep your outdoor rugs stuck to one place.  

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