How to Keep Outdoor Cushions From Sliding (Genius Hacks)

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Cushions are not just for sitting anymore.

They can be used to add a pop of color to your outdoor space with ease. And while most cushions are easy to move around, many people have trouble keeping their cushions in place.

You’ve probably had an experience or two where you have found yourself chasing your cushion down because of the wind.

Well, the struggle is real, but there are some things you can do to keep your outdoor cushions from blowing away and sliding.


It’s nice that you have outdoor furniture that looks great and is comfortable.

But if your cushions keep sliding off and you’re tired of chasing them down, there are steps you can take.

When it comes to outdoor furniture cushions, there is an inherent problem with longevity.

Over time the wind will blow them away, even if they are weighted.

This occurs because after a while the material that was used to make them deteriorates and they no longer fit as snugly around the cushion itself.

Here are some things you can do to fix this problem.

Use zip ties

You can purchase zip ties from any hardware store at a very low cost and put them on all of your cushions. This should help you to secure the covers to the seat itself and prevent them from blowing off in the wind.

Use Bungee cords

This is another alternative to use on your cushions but these may be less sturdy than zip ties. Also, make sure you secure your cushions every six months or so just to make sure that they haven’t started to come loose again.

Use Fabric Glue

Another option is to invest in outdoor fabric glue designed for this purpose. You simply apply it onto the bottom or underside of your cushion cover at each corner and allow it to dry completely before removing any excess.


A friend recently got some outdoor furniture for their deck and patio. We were all thrilled about it until we discovered that the pillows kept blowing away.

Using Industrial Strength Velcro to attach cushions to your patio

We then went shopping and found a great solution: Industrial Strength Velcro.

It’s not a pretty product but it works like a charm.

  1. The first thing we did was cut the end off of each of the straps on the pillow.
  2. Then we opened up one side of the velcro, stuck it to the back of our cushion, and close it again.
  3. Next, we took the other side of the velcro and stuck it to the deck in multiple locations depending on how far apart we wanted them spaced out (more space between them equals more velcro needed).
  4. Now all that is left is to put your cushions back on your chair or bench and you are good to go!

No more worrying about your cushions blowing away! You can find this at most home improvement stores as well as some hardware stores.


If you have rattan furniture in your courtyard, it can be difficult to keep the cushions on them. They’re not too heavy and they slide off, and they can blow away altogether if there’s a strong wind.

Here are a few tricks to repel those pesky cushions from sliding off your rattan furniture:

Add a bottom layer of material

This is an easy solution that works for almost any type of chair or sofa.

Simply cut out a piece of material like denim or cotton fabric and sew it into a sack shape that fits under the seat cushion.

Then slide the seat cushion onto the chair frame and put the sack underneath.

You’ll have to sew some sort of ties around the sack so that it stays on the bottom, but this will help you keep the seat from sliding off when you get up from it.

Use Tape

It’s easy, cheap, and will save you from constantly readjusting your cushions.

All you need is a roll of double sided tape, a sharp knife, some scissors, and your favorite chair or cushion.

  1. Cut two pieces of painter’s tape a little longer than the length of the cushion.
  2. Have them overlap when placed side by side.
  3. Then place one piece on the seat and the other on the back of the chair so they overlap.

That’s it, they won’t budge! The paint on the tape will slightly discolor any cushioning material that comes in contact with it, but that should not be a problem if you are using it outdoors.

If you are worried about it, you can always cover it with a cloth or towel first before placing it on your cushion.


Have you ever been enjoying a nice, relaxing day in your backyard only to look up and see all of your pillows have scattered across the yard?

This happens because pillows that are made to be used outside aren’t weighted, which means they’re at risk of blowing away when there’s even a slight breeze.

We found that “pillow weights can prevent this sliding from happening.

These are small discs or slightly weighted materials (mostly DIY projects) that you place inside your outdoor pillow covers, so they keep your pillows in place with the help of gravity.

They’re also great for keeping heavy blankets on the bed, preventing them from sliding off during the night.

For instance, if you live in a windy area, your pillows might start sliding all over the place. It doesn’t matter how heavy-duty or expensive your cushions are; when the wind starts blowing hard enough, your pillows will start moving.

They might even get blown away completely and you will have to buy new ones to replace them… There is a solution for this problem: Pillow Weights. You can use pillow weights to keep your outdoor pillows in place and save yourself some money from buying new ones now and then.


A bench cushion can be a great addition to your patio furniture.

It adds a place for you to sit-a-spell and enjoy the outdoors, but if left unattended, it might cause trouble.

A bench cushion can slide and blow away if it is not properly secured.

This can be dangerous because the cushion could end up in oncoming traffic or in a body of water, which is not good for anyone.

But we discovered a tool to keep this from happening to you.

Use tension bands to keep your cushions from sliding away

A piece of plastic called a tension band, which you can find at hardware stores.

Tension bands work by wedging the bench cushion between them and the patio table so that the bench cushion won’t slide and fall off.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Place one tension band near each end of your bench cushion; this will keep the cushion from sliding in either direction. If your furniture’s slats are very far apart, use two tension bands per end.
  2. Thread one end of your bench cushion through the loop on each tension band. You’ll be left with a loose end that should be tucked into the other side of the cushion and stapled to secure it.
  3. Cut off any excess strap with a pair of scissors or a utility knife, then repeat Step 2 on your dining chairs and other seat cushions.
  4. If you have an outdoor sofa or loveseat, simply loop one tension band through each end of the sofa cushions and staple them in place as described in Step 2.

And you’re good to go!

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