3 Best Patio Table Covers with Umbrella Hole (2023)

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After more than 50 hours of research, we selected the best patio table covers designed with umbrella holes. All of our favorite covers include a helpful zipper which will make your installation job easier. You won’t have to remove the umbrella every time you need to cover your table.

Outdoor furniture covers are extremely useful to protect your table against the sun, rain, strong winds, snow, and even dirt in general. Here are our favorite outdoor table covers (with umbrella openings) ideal for picnics, camping trips, or patio dining.

Patio Table Covers with Umbrella Hole | Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Classic Accessories Veranda

Key Features

Premium quality, durable and weatherproof
Attractive design
Reduced inner condensation for extra protection
Easy to install

We believe that this “Patio Table & Chair” cover set made by Classic Accessories is the best on the market. Well-constructed, waterproof, elegant, practical and heavy-duty, this cover is an ideal choice.

The brand manufactures a wide variety of furniture patio covers for everything you can imagine. They make protective covers for BBQs, kettle grills, smokers, canopy swings, fountains, fire pits and many more. 

This round cover is designed to fit round patio tables with an umbrella hole and 6 patio chairs. What’s also nice, it is available in three unique sizes from small, medium to large.

The fabric is sturdy and rugged and features rugged padded handles for extra comfort when fitting or removing the cover.

The designers also thought about breathability and air ventilation. Inside condensation is reduced to protect your table,

Designed with buckled straps on the corners that go around the legs of your table allowing you to tighten them down. The cover can be attached securely and won’t blow away in windy conditions. 

We recommend you to measure your table before buying a cover and order the right dimensions that will fit your furniture perfectly. 

If you care about your furniture looking good even when not in use, you’ll most likely love the elegant exterior design of these covers.

2. Best Round: SunPatio Outdoor Table and Chairs Cover

Key Features

Easy to put on
Stays in place even in high winds
Made from a high-quality fabric that ensures high durability

Another great cover we recommend is the SunPatio furniture cover. Made of a woven 300 denier polyester, the cover is more lightweight, lined with a layer of vinyl and designed to last in bad weather. 

It comes equipped with an umbrella opening right in the middle and with a zipper that will help you accommodate the umbrella.

It is quite big in size and you have the option to choose from multiple sizes.

The closure system consists of velcro straps that are rugged and provide great protection against high winds. The first thing you’ll notice if you buy this item is that it is a lot larger than expected. 

It is nice that the cover is available in multiple shapes to also fit rectangular tables and high back chairs. A great choice for rough winters and rainy climates. 

People love this product and most of them were surprised by the practicality and superior quality of the SunPatio cover. The installation is pretty straightforward, it comes with instructions and most probably you won’t have any issues putting it on and taking it off. 

3. Best for Winter: Covermates Rectangular Dining Table W/Umbrella Hole

Key Features

600d polyester
Tear-resistant and all weather-proof
Designed with a zipper for easy installation
Not the best for extremely windy conditions
Doesn’t include installation instructions

For rectangular tables, we recommend the Covermates ripstop cover. It is available in multiple sizes and shapes, and it comes with an umbrella hole and zipper for an easy fit. 

Made from 600D fade resistant polyester, the best fabric out there for outdoor use, this cover is rugged and tear resistant. The material is a premium quality, highly durable and won’t crack, tear fade or scratch even in the worst weather conditions. 

People who bought this are satisfied with the results, saying that their tables remained dry and protected even after prolonged exposure to heavy wet snow

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Some people didn’t like that it didn’t come with any instructions, and therefore left some bad reviews. Others complained that it is not so resistant to very strong winds.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Classic Accessories (Facebook Page)

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