4 Best Clear Plastic Table Covers (protective & stylish)

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clear plastic table cover mat

Clear plastic table covers are practical accessories designed to protect your dining tables, tablecloths or furniture tops against damage, scratches, stains, or spills. 

After hours of research, we selected our favorite transparent tablecloths that are ideal for your indoor or outdoor dining tables.

We looked for quality, durability, style and best value for the money, and here are our top picks.

The Best Clear Plastic Table Covers | Our Reviews

1. OstepDecor Clear Table Protector


Our Rating:

If you want maximum protection for your table, we recommend this thick clear table protector offered by OstepDecor. 

It’s an investment that can protect almost any surface you can think of. Perfect for dining tables, coffee tables, glass tables, countertops, nightstands, and even hard floors.

OstepDecor offers two different thicknesses: 1.5mm and 2mm.

Their durability cannot be beaten. They are all heavy-duty and the thickest ones are heat-resistant maximum to 176°F/80°C, perfect for kitchen and dining room tables.

This will keep your most prized wooden table untouched and protected from any damage.

The brand offers two types of designs:

  1. Clear
  2. Frosted

You can also choose from two types of shapes round and rectangular. Plus, you can cut it using a sharp knife or scissors to fit your custom-sized table.

When it comes to caring for them, you’ll love how easy it is to wipe off any liquids, food juices or crumbs. 

Waterproof and elegant, purchasers say the OstepDecor table pad is well worth the money.

Also worth mentioning that this pad stays in place and even your kids or cats won’t be able to push it off.

2. Golden Linens Clear Plastic

Best Lightweight

Our Rating:

Perfect for family gatherings, the “Golden Linens” transparent table covers earn high praise for their soft feel and durability

Made from plastic, these clear table covers stay in place and can be used with any of your own favorite tablecloths. 

Plus, you can cut them in custom shapes to fit your table dimensions perfectly.

This transparent cloth is almost invisible and acts as a protective barrier. It protects your wooden table and your tablecloth from stains, damage, and scratches.

The only thing you may not like is that you cannot get all the creases out, you just have to wait until they’ll eventually disappear. 

In terms of care, this is a must-have for easy cleanup. No more worries about spilling wine, coffee, fruit juice or food crumbs – this cloth wipes off quickly and easily with a sponge or napkin.

We recommend this cloth for any occasion, for parties, birthdays, dining events.

3. Garden V Pro 100% Compostable & Biodegradable Tablecloth

BEST eco-friendly

Our Rating:

Disposable, eco-friendly, and practical – this Garden V Pro transparent white tablecloth is perfect for a guilt-free picnic experience. 

Made from 100% plant-based material, with a 45-90 days fast biodegradation and can fit up to 12 tables. 

The tablecloth breaks down entirely and enriches the soil. Plus, they come in a convenient roll that is 90 feet long and it includes a self-cutter allowing you to easily cut the roll. 

This eco-friendly cloth is durable, well-made and doesn’t tear. Purchasers were impressed with its quality, and used it for camping, outdoor activities and also for school parties. 



Our Rating:

If you’re looking for an affordable tablecloth protector, the Benson Mills transparent cover is what you’re after. 

It’s a known fact that Benson Mills manufactures the largest, most innovative and diverse line of table covers in the United States of America.

This particular clear tablecloth is perfect for everyday use, and we think it’s the best value for the money. 

It comes with white stitching on its edges designed to add durability. If you’re not a fan of the white thread, you can easily trim it off with a pair of scissors.

This cover will protect your precious tablecloth from stains and will also protect your table from scratches and damages. It is heavy-duty and sturdy, but it is not heatproof.

Some love to use it for big family dinners, picnics, Thanksgiving, Christmas holidays, while others use it every day.

Dealing with the wrinkles:

According to the reviewers, the cover comes folded and will have some creases. You can get them out and straighten it with a hairdryer.

However, not all of them will go away. So if you’re a person who is not ok with the wrinkles, this is not for you.

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