8 Best Picnic Tents: Canopies, Screen Houses, Pop-Up Designs (2023)

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When you are headed out to a picnic, a tent can be a great side-kick to provide protection from the sun or adverse weather… and to keep flies out of your food!

There is also a certain camaraderie that comes from just sharing the same space with your friends or family. We’ve made a list of our top picks from the tents available on the market.

While searching for the perfect picnic tent we took into consideration the following factors: 

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Travel-friendly
  • Portability 
  • Size
  • Set-up ease

We hope our ideas make your picnic that much more enjoyable!

Quick Picks

Pop-Up Family Picnic Tent

Best for Beach

Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Best Overall

Dream House Waterproof Tent

Best looking tent house (boho style)

Best Picnic Tents

1. Best Overall: Core Cabin Tent

Key Features

Instant 60 second setup
Extra large – fits 9 people
Features room divider and wall pockets
Includes rain fly, stakes, carrying bag

The most versatile picnic tent we found was the Core cabin tent.

This tent can hold up to 9 people and has several window openings to enjoy the fresh air.

Our favorite feature of this tent is the mesh roof to let in the sun and air. 

This tent provides a spacious area for throwing a picnic, but lets you enjoy the outdoors while offering protection from the wet ground and bug invasions.

It can be set-up by one person in a matter of minutes! This tent also has the added benefit of pockets on the inside.

This can be a great way to keep supplies, blankets, and utensils at the ready when you are picnicking! 

The Core Cabin comes with a rain cover and customers have been happy with this tent’s ability to keep water out in adverse weather.

If you are planning to stay overnight, you may want to bring extra tarps to cover the roof as many customers have noticed that the mesh roof plus the rain cover combination don’t provide much warmth.

2. Best Canopy-Style: Coleman Screened Tent Canopy

Key Features

50+ UPF sun protection
Screen picnic tent design
Large enough to fit a picnic table
Easy setup

We love that this tent has all-around screen sides to get the most joy out of your outdoor surroundings without getting attacked by bugs!

It gives you an open view but adds a sun cover for hot days. Although it does not claim to be waterproof, many customers said it did a fair job of keeping out the rain as long as it wasn’t a downpour.

You always can spray the roof with a waterproof coating for added protection. 

The large size of this tent can even hold a picnic table! This tent comes with a rolling tent bag for portability.

You may need a bit of time and a couple of people to set up this tent. 

3. Best Boho Tent: Tiny Land Lace Teepee

Key Features

Beautiful boho design
Fits 2 adults or many kids
Ideal for picnic dates or elegant picnics
Perfect for themed parties

As far as aesthetics go, we love this Tiny Land lace teepee. It is large enough for 2 adults to fit inside. Although it won’t be doing much for you in the way of protection, it can certainly add some charm and romance to a picnic! 

No assembly is required for this teepee. It also comes with its own carry bag for easy transport to your favorite picnic spot. It can be a great backdrop to set the tone for your picnic and gives you a photo opportunity for you and your friends!

4. Best Beach Tent: Umardoo Family Beach Tent

Key Features

Fits 4 adults
Ideal for beach outings
UPF 50+ protection
Smart pop up design

For a picnic at the beach, this family, canopy-style tent is a win!

The sides are all open to the air and breeze, but it gives you some good sun cover so you don’t come back from your day at the beach as red as a lobster!

This tent is wide enough for a group of friends or family to picnic and all have a spot in the shade.

You have the option to weigh down the tent corners with sand, so you won’t have to worry about this tent blowing across the beach in the wind. 

When the sun starts to move, you can just make some simple adjustments to the poles and sandbag placement to move the shade, as well.

5. Kid’s Picnic House Tent: Narmay Play Tent

Key Features

Waterproof bottom
Easy set up
More spacious than it looks

The Narmay play tent is a great option for a kid-sized picnic tent.

This indoor/outdoor play tent allows kids to be in on the action with one side made out of see-through mesh.

If you are spending the day outdoors hiking, or at the beach, this tent can be a great little getaway for kids to have some time to rest, or to play in the shade.

The bottom of the tent is waterproof to protect your carpet from spills if indoors, or to protect your child from damp ground if outside. This play tent is big enough so an adult can sit inside, for a kid-centered picnic time. 

It comes with a portable bag for easy-carry.

6. Best Portable Tent: Oileus Beach Tent

Key Features

Pop up picnic tent (30 seconds installation)
XXL size (2 adults + 2 kids)
Offers 99% sun protection

This tent is the best portable option we found, packing down to only 4 pounds of weight. It has a pop-up mechanism and reports a set-up time of only 30 seconds!

It blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and new models also have an awning to span across its wide tent opening for additional protection from the sun. Its two windows can open for cross ventilation or close in adverse weather. It is also fully waterproof.

This tent can hold up to 4 people and can make a great pop-cover if you are in need of shade or protection from rain.

7. Best Travel Tent: Napier Truck Tent

Key Features

Unique design
Well constructed (ultimate weather protection)
Features 2 mesh windows for optimal ventilation

This is by far the most unique tent we came across. This truck-bed tent goes wherever you do!

If the weather starts to change halfway to your picnic location, no worries! This tent allows you to weather out a storm with a full rain-fly and additional storm flaps for the windows and door. 

It is the perfect size for two people. and in nice weather, the large screen-covered windows can open for optimal ventilation.

This is a fun option that can get you out into nature with security knowing that rain or shine, your picnic still can go on!

8. Best Design: Dream House Outdoor Bell Tent

Key Features

Beautiful Design
Ideal for picnic parties, weddings, reunions, special occasions
Available in two large sizes (4+ people)

Beautiful looking, extremely roomy, and strong – this tent is one of a kind. 

You can use it when camping, picnicking, or in your own backyard. The 5-meter diameter size fits easily 5 people. 

You can make yourself a small bedroom with a queen size mattress and two nightstands, or a cozy living room to spend quality time with your friends or family

The setup, especially the first time, can take more than 30 minutes, but customers say it’s totally worth it. 

Wrap Up

These are the best picnic tents we found to be your backup when you are wanting to enjoy a picnic out in the fresh air. 

Whether you are looking for shade options, a rainy day plan,  or just to add to the ambiance, one of these tents may be just what you need to keep making outdoor memories!

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