9 Best Picnic Umbrellas in 2021 (Portable & UV Protective)

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There are hundreds of picnic umbrellas out there, but we wanted to find the best one on the market – one that will keep you dry, offers UV protection, one that won’t flip inside out, waterproof, easy to carry, lightweight but sturdy.

We’ve spent this week researching and comparing dozens of outdoor umbrellas that are perfect for picnics, beach trips, camping, fishing, and sporting events. 

How We Picked, Tested and Rated

These are the main features we looked for when searching for the best picnic umbrella out there. We rated every umbrella from 1 to 5 based on our criteria, 1 being the lowest score and 5 being the highest.

(Higher is better)

Portability (1 to 5)

Is the umbrella easy to transport to your picnic spot? Is it compact? Does it come with a easy to carry storage bag?

Sun Protection (1 to 5)

Does the umbrella offer UV protection? Does it block the harsh rays and keep you safe?

Wind Resistance (1 to 5)

How strong is the umbrella? Does it flip inside out or keeps its shape intact even in the strong winds?

Rain Protection (1 to 5)

How does it perform in the rain? Is it waterproof and will keep you dry? Or will you get soaked?

Installation (1 to 5)

Is the whole umbrella system easy and quick to set it up and to take down? Is the process intuitive?

In a Hurry? Here's Our Top Picks

Best Picnic Umbrellas: Reviewed & Rated

1. BEST OVERALL: Oniva Picnic Time Outdoor Canopy

Editor's Rating:

Ideal for picnics at the beach but also for classic picnics in the parks, the ONIVA umbrella features a pointed end for easy penetration in sand or in the ground.

It’s versatile, portable, easy to carry in a storage bag, and most importantly, is strong and reliable in windy conditions. 

You can use it on its own or you can take it to the next level and attach it to Picnic Time’s picnic tables and chairs. If you’re bringing a picnic table, you might want to look into custom-made tablecloths with umbrella holes.

A nice thing about this model is that’s available in a wide range of vibrant colors. 

Like many patio umbrellas, the Oniva canopy fits into an umbrella base for extra reliability. It features a tilting system to give you sun shade at any angle. 

Many people use this umbrella as a patio umbrella for tables and bistro sets. 

2. BEST BUDGET: Abba Patio 7th Feet Umbrella Beach, Garden, Patio, Outdoor

Editor's Rating:

If you’re looking for a cheap option that also comes with a great quality, we recommend this Abba Patio Umbrella suitable for any type of outdoor occasions: beach, garden dinners, patio, and more.

Easy to set, easy to carry, light weight, well made, comes with a carry bag – take it with you wherever you go – 99% sun protection of 50+ UV, can withstand heavy dust and strong winds. 

It comes with a small inside storage for personal belongings, so you can go an have fun without worrying about anyone stealing your things.

3. BEST FOR FAMILY AND GROUPS: Sport-Brella Picnic Umbrella Tent Canopy

Editor's Rating:

This is not your basic umbrella, this is a tent/brella.

Unlike other standard beach umbrellas, the all-weather “Sport-Brella” offers a unique 2-in-1 design, that allows you to use it as a canopy or as a tent. Ideal for sunny and for rainy picnic days.

The umbrella provides you with a safe and large shaded area with 50+ SPF sun protection. This way your whole family will be protected from the harsh rays of the sun.

Plus, it’s made of a waterproof material that performs great in bad rainy weather and wind.

The Sportbrella is lightweight, easy to carry, quick to set up, perfect for beach picnics, camping trips, sporting events, and picnics on the grass.

If you’re picnicking with kids, we highly recommend this canopy considering it offers great shade and sun protection. Plus, because of its unique design it makes any outdoor adventures more fun.


Editor's Rating:

This compact outdoor umbrella protects you and your family from the harsh UVA/UVB rays, keeps you cool in the shade and can be connected to almost anything.

With the universal clamp you can easily attach the sun umbrella to your picnic chairs, strollers, carts, coolers, and many others.

The versatile design allows you to connect it to most surfaces rounded or squared. Comes with a 360 degree swivel to help you get covered from any angle.

Perfect for picnics, fishing trips, camping, hiking trips and beach adventures. The Versa Brella is a popular product, made to last and carefully designed to protect you from the sun. 

It’s compact, ultra-portable, lightweight, and easy to take anywhere.  Comes with a carrying bag and weighs only 1.8 pounds. 

Because of its practicality, we highly recommend the Versa Brella for any outdoor adventure.

5. BEST FOR KIDS: 5 Pack Umbrella Hat Rainbow With Elastic Band

Editor's Rating:

If you’re picnicking with children, then you should check out this rainbow umbrella hat. It’s durable, lightweight, waterproof, offers sun protection with anti-ultraviolet function, and on top of that it comes with a cute design. 

Kids love it! They’re fun to wear and most importantly, it will protect your little one’s head from the harsh sun.

6. BEST FOR PORTABILITY: AosKe Portable Umbrella

Editor's Rating:

This is by far one of the best outdoor umbrellas out there. With the 360 degrees tilting function, offers 99.99% protection from the harmful UV rays from any angle. 

This umbrella is designed to block heat, providing you with a cold shade even in the hottest day.

The base has a pointed prong anchor perfect for grass, dirt fields and sand

Another great feature is that is easy to carry and comes in a convenient storage bag. This outdoor umbrella comes with aluminium rod which makes it super lightweight

Even though it’s very lightweight, the structure is strong and reliable. 

It also performs excellently in rainy and windy conditions. The vinyl material repels water and keeps you dry.

7. BEST FOR BEACH: Beachbug All-in-one

Editor's Rating:

The BEACHBUG umbrella system is very popular on Amazon and it’s one of the most reliable beach umbrellas available on the market today.

It was invented in Florida and after rigorous testing, engineering and designing, ‘Beachbub’ is now a favorite choice for beach lovers.

Comes with everything you need: umbrella, extra large carrying bag, base and accessory kit.

The most impressive feature is how well it performs in wind conditions.

The umbrella remains sturdy and reliable even in 35 MPH (56 km/h) wind condition. The brand even won awards for this product, from Life Guard Associations and magazines.

The umbrella is easy to transport with its large carrying bag. The whole system is lightweight but sturdy, weighing less than 9 lbs (4kg). 

For extra stability, you simply need to fill up the base with sand and this will offer a sturdy 120 lbs base.

If you’re wondering about sun protection, this umbrella has the maximum UV Rating with 50 UPF and 100 SPF.

8. BEST FOR WIND: Sunphio Windproof Umbrella

Editor's Rating:

Portable, windproof, waterproof, sturdy, with excellent UV protection and 360 rotation, the Sunphio umbrella doesn’t disappoint.

It’s a perfect choice for picnics, camping trips, sporting events, fishing, beach and pool outings.

We also love the beautiful design and the umbrella is available in three colors: blue, green, red.

Comes with 4 UV layers coatings that adds extra protection and ensures that the UV coating won’t be rubbed off so easily over time.

The 360 tilt mechanism helps you adjust the angle conveniently without worrying the pole will flop.

The Sunphio patio umbrella comes with a practical carry bag and 2 metal anchors.

The overall system is smartly designed with high-quality materials, made to last and to provide a nice cooling shade in the hottest summer days.

9. BEST UNIVERSAL BASE: Abba Patio Round Umbrella Stand 50 lbs

Editor's Rating:

You may have already noticed that some outdoor umbrellas don’t come with a stand. There’s a big chance you might need to buy the base separately. 

We recommend the Abba Patio round base, a sturdy umbrella holder compatible with 1-½ and 2’’ diameter umbrella poles. 

We were pleasantly surprised to see that this umbrella base is made of recycled plastic which makes it sturdy and environmental friendly at the same time.

It’s easy to assemble and can be filled with water or sand to create a sturdy base heavy enough to resist in strong winds.

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