3 Best Tablecloth Clips to Keep Your Table Cover in Place

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Keep your tablecloths in place and don’t let a windy day ruin your beautiful outdoor event. A great way to keep your table cover from flying away is to secure it with tablecloth clips. 

We reviewed dozens of clips, clamps, and all kinds of holders, and finally, we’ve picked our favorite three clips that will hold your cloth down snugly on the table.

Best Tablecloth Clips | Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Alamic Tablecloth Clips Stainless Steel

Key Features

Affordable Price
Won’t rust
Fits only thin tables up to 1.5 inches

Alamic tablecloth clips are extremely popular on Amazon, they’re easy to use, strong, rustproof and durable.

They’re designed to fit tables with a thickness between 1-1.5 inches (which is pretty thin), so make sure to check your table’s dimensions before buying these clamps. 

Most of the negative reviews were from people who didn’t pay attention to the dimensions and were disappointed that the clips would not fit their thicker tables.

People use them for picnic tables, coffee tables, patio tables, RV’s, and even for hanging plants. 

They work exactly as described and hold the tablecloths firmly even in strong winds and rainy weather. These holders grip well, fit snugly, and secure all types of table cloths with ease.

Perfect for camping, picnics, and patio events.

2. Best for Thick Tables: Maxdot Tablecloth Clamps

Key Features

Fits most of the tables with thickness up to 2.4 inch
Premium Quality
Doesn’t damage the table cloth
Heavy-duty and made to last

Maxdot tablecloth clamps are a perfect choice for any table whose thickness is less than 2.4inch (6cm). They open wide which makes them ideal for thicker tables as well. They will keep your table covering in place and make sure it won’t be blown away by the wind.

Made from stainless steel, they are highly durable, won’t rust and are easy to use with any type of tablecloth (plastic, vinyl, polyester) and with any type of table (round, rectangular).

The holders are heavy-duty, well-built and at the same time, they don’t damage or scratch the surface.

People who bought them are very satisfied with them and use them for picnicking, camping and patio dinners. 

Due to their versatility, these holders work perfectly even for the public picnic tables found in parks.

3. Best Hidden Design: Big Mo’s Toys Clear Clips

Key Features

Clear design
Cheap price
Available in a huge set of 72 (no big deal if you lose one)
Some of them will break

If you’re looking for the best-hidden tablecloth clips made of plastic, Big Mo’s clamps are the perfect solution. 

They come in a set of 72 and are made from high-quality clear plastic that won’t ruin the design. Big Mo’s clips fit tables whose thickness is up to 1 inch, so make sure your picnic table is not too thick. 

Some of them will snap, but because of the affordable price people didn’t seem to have an issue with this. 

People usually bought these for parties, family reunions, graduation parties, picnics, outdoor celebrations, birthdays and fundraising events.

Cons worth mentioning: they break easily, not suitable for thicker tables.

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