5 Stylish Picnic Tablecloths We’re Loving Right Now

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After reviewing more than 30 picnic tablecloths, we found five stylish, stain-resistant, spill proof and easy to clean tablecloths perfect to cover your outdoor table. 

They add style to any picnic table and come in various beautiful color patterns and shapes. Here are our favorite models available on the market.

Best Picnic Tablecloths: Our Top Picks

Benson Mills

Best Overall

Tewene Cotton Blend

Best Deluxe

Table Cover By Grandpity

Best Budget

Read on to check out the full reviews.

We carefully reviewed all of our favorite table cloths, with pros and cons. Any of the items below is a fantastic choice, just make sure you choose the one that fits your needs best. 

Table of Contents

1. Benson Mills Checkered Tablecloth


Our Rating:

The ‘Benson Mills’ blue and white checkered tablecloth is by far our favorite on this list. Spill-Proof, stain-resistant, premium quality, available in lovely patterns and machine-washable, this one is perfect for any outdoor occasion.

Made from a high-quality 100% treated polyester, this cloth is perfect for everyday use indoors or outdoors.

All liquids (including wine!) simply bead up on the cloth and you can easily wipe it clean with napkins. 

What’s also nice is the fact that the tablecloth is 100% machine washable and completely reusable. People wash them in cold water, dry them and come out wrinkle-free looking like new.

It comes in various beautiful colors, with unique patterns (including floral), and shapes. 

People seem to really love this brand and always come back to buy various patterns, which is a good sign.

The material is heavy enough to hang beautifully and not be blown away by the wind.

2. TEWENE Tablecloth Rectangle

BEST deluxe

Our Rating:

If you’re looking for an elegant table cloth for special occasions, you’ll surely love this cotton-linen by “Tewene”.

Ideal for romantic outings, for double dates or family picnics, this cloth adds style to any wooden table. It comes in three beautiful shapes: square, rectangle and round.

Easy to maintain and very durable, the Twene tablecloth is wrinkle-proof and shrink-proof.

It’s machine washable and it’s recommended to wash it in cold water on a gentle cycle.

There were people who ‘broke the rules’ and washed it in warm water, put it in the dryer and said the cloth was in perfect shape and it didn’t need any ironing.

Designed for both outdoor and indoor use, it is perfect for garden dinners, patio, picnics or cabin outings.

3. YEMYHOM Round Tablecloth

Best for Round Tables

Our Rating:

For your round tables, we recommend the Yemyhom red and white checkered table cloth, available in 60’’ and 70’’ inch diameter.

Made from 100% polyester is high-quality, durable and strong enough to overhang nicely on the sides even on a windy day. Available in multiple gingham colors: yellow and white, blue and white, red and white.

Elegant and easy to wipe off any spilled liquids like wine, juice, coffee. It’s water-resistant with the latest Spillproof Coating technology. It can be washed in the machine with a cold and gentle cycle, and you can also iron it if needed.

Perfect for outdoor dates, Easter dinners, picnics in the parks, patio, garden events.

4. Red Gingham Grandpity Disposable Set

Best Budget

Top pick for parties
Our Rating:

These Grandpity plastic disposable tablecloths are convenient, cheap, easy to clean and completely disposable. 

They come in a 12 pack set, and they’re available in 30 different colors and sizes. Plus, they’re available in two different shapes to fit rectangle or round tables.

If you’re planning an outdoor party and you’re on a budget, these tablecloths are an ideal choice. People bought these for all kinds of events: birthday parties, Halloween parties, bbq gatherings, family reunions, church picnics, fundraising events, wedding receptions, and were extremely satisfied with what they got for the money. 

The quality isn’t premium, but they surely get the job done. They’re very easy to clean so you won’t have to worry about spilling wine, food or anything else. 

Some people also reused them later. 

What you might not like: they’re quite thin, not environmentally friendly

5. Benson Mills Floral

Best with umbrella hole

Our Rating:

If you’re searching for a waterproof outdoor tablecloth with umbrella holes, you should take a look at this ‘Benson Mills’ blooming floral model. 

Designed to cover picnic / patio / outdoor tables with umbrellas, this tablecloth is available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. 

The material is high-quality, made from 100% polyester that is treated with a special coating to allow you to wipe clean spilled liquids, plus you can easily wash it in the machine.

Equipped with a handy zipper, you can easily place the cloth on the table without having to remove the umbrella.

It feels premium, it looks cute and chic and it is perfect for any occasion: family picnics, Easter celebrations, patio dinners.

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