5 Best Picnic Cheese Boards Sets in 2023 (portable & travel friendly)

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Cheeseboards full of tasty cheeses, crunchy crackers, sweet jams, olives, fruits, nuts, and meats are ideal for picnics, parties, get-togethers, family dinners, romantic dates, and basically for any special events.

After days of research, we’ve reviewed and picked our favorite cheese serving boards on the market, based on strict criteria.

The best cheese board set you can buy today is the Picnic at Ascot Vienna Multi-Level (link to Amazon). It’s cleverly designed, compact, easy to clean, super spacious, and it rotates at 360 degrees.

Top features to consider when buying a picnic cheese board

Food-safe – choose a wooden charcuterie board, made from materials that come with their own natural anti-bacterial properties (eg. natural bamboo, Acacia natural wood).

Odor-free – the board should not absorb smells and liquids nor transfer bad odors to your food

Water Resistance – a water-resistant board is easier to clean and will not absorb food liquids. Acacia is a genuine hardwood that naturally repels water due to its high content of natural oils. Bamboo is also a natural water repeller because of its high density. 

Quality Materials – choose a high-quality item that’s sturdy, durable and well-made. Choose a heavier set, and avoid flimsy lightweight boards.

Size  – make sure you pick one that’s spacious enough to fit plenty of food goodies for all your guests.

Portability – if you’re planning to use it outdoors, choose a portable picnic-ready board, that’s easy to transport to your destination.

Extra Accessories – some products come with cutlery sets included, and that’s super convenient, especially when traveling. Having cheese knives ready hidden in a drawer inside the cheese board is fantastic.

Easy Storage – an important thing you should pay attention to is how much storage space will your cheeseboard take. If you’re low on space, choose a space-saving board that’s compact when not used and expands when in use.

Plus, cheese boards make great gift ideas for cheese lovers and are perfect presents for any special occasions like Housewarmings, Engagements, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Christmas or Holidays.

Best Portable Picnic Cheese Boards Sets

Picnic at Ascot Vienna Bamboo Cheese Board

Key Features

Multiple levels & attractive design
Hidden Drawer with Cutlery Set
Portable & Collapses in a compact wedge
Made from 100% natural bamboo

This beautiful charcuterie set is cleverly designed with a multi-level feature, hidden drawers, 360° rotation, and it folds up or easy storage

From a compact wedge size of 9.6′′, it quickly transforms into a circular multi-level 18′′ diameter cheese board.

People who bought it are thrilled about the smart space-saving design.

Because it collapses in such a compact wedge, you can easily store it anywhere without taking up too much space. This makes it ideal for easy transportation when traveling.

Inside the hidden drawer, you’ll find a high-quality knife set containing 3 stainless steel cheese tools. 

Made from 100% natural bamboo, the board is high-quality, sturdy and designed in the USA with durable FDA-approved materials.

Perfect to use for parties, picnics in the park, cabin & beach trips, vineyard adventures. It’s also large enough to fit plenty of food for your guests. 

The size is perfect for a 6 person dinner.  Ideal for your cheeses, grapes, crackers, olives, nuts, dips and more.

Bambusi Natural Wooden Set with Cutlery

Key Features

100% organic bamboo
Scooped edges for snacks
Leakproof design & Odor-Free
Includes Cutlery Set

The Bambusi cheese serving board is a best seller on Amazon. The board is water-resistant, made from 100% organic bamboo, and comes with 4 cheese knives placed inside a hidden drawer.

It’s spacious and beautifully crafted with scooped edges designed to hold crackers, olives or nuts. The cutlery set is of a high-quality, the stainless knives are sharp enough to cut through hard cheeses without any effort.

Another great feature is that it’s made from premium Moso Bamboo, a durable and food-safe organic material that kills bacteria and microbes. The platter is super easy to clean and doesn’t absorb odors.

You can use it with your loved ones or your friends, as it is very spacious and fits plenty of cheeses, fruits, crackers, and nuts. 

Shanik Cheese Set Lazy Susan

Key Features

Luxurious Premium Design
Marble blade in white and black
Includes Deluxe Cutlery Set & Ceramic Bowls
Full Rotation

This beautiful charcuterie platter is ideal for a deluxe “Wine & Cheese” dinner with your date, family or friends. 

The “Shanik” set feels luxurious and it’s made from premium quality materials: natural Acacia Wood, marble blade, ceramic bowls, and stainless steel cutlery.

Commonly used in top-rated kitchen utensils, natural Acacia wood is known to offer superior durability. This means that this cheese set will not crack, break or split over time.

With a Lazy Susan rotating design, your guests don’t have to lean over to grab the bits they want. 

It comes with 2 cheese knives, one for soft cheeses and one for hard cheeses. Both knives are designed with ergonomic handles and sharp quality blades. The cutlery set is hidden underneath the marble plate, for extra saving space and convenience. 

The most attractive feature about this board is the double-sided marble plate, which comes in black and white. Ideal for cutting cheese and meat on it, and perfect for hot recipients. 

We also love the ceramic bowls it comes with. You can use them as dip bowls, or for snacks, olives, grapes, or crackers.

TOSCANA – Circo Cheese Board with Cheese Tools

Key Features

Great for Picnics
High-quality knives set
No spills design
Suitable for 2 people only

If you’re looking for a compact, convenient, and traditional cheese board, then you should check the “Circo” by Toscana. 

This set includes full-tang cheese tools, stored conveniently within the board. The knives are premium quality, stainless steel, and designed for hard and soft cheeses.

On the side, you’ll find a scooped perimeter that prevents cheese brine or fruit juice from spilling.

It makes an excellent gift for foodies and can be taken anywhere with you. It’s ideal for picnics, yachting, boating, and vineyard adventures. 

The size is just right for a picnic in two, not too small, not too large. Definitely, an adorable cheese set perfect for cheese lovers.

Charcuterie Platter and Cutlery Set by MaxMoxie

Key Features

Best value for money
Includes Knives, Bowls, Chalk and Labels
Large for 7 people

If you’re looking for the best value for money, we highly recommend the MaxMoxie cheese set. It’s practical, attractive, food-safe, made from 100% natural Moso Bamboo and comes with everything you need to impress your guests.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that it comes with plenty of accessories like:

  • 2 ceramic bowls
  • 2 slate labels
  • 2 chalk markers
  • 4 stainless steel knives

It’s also quite spacious measuring 13.5’’ x 13.5’’, just the right size to entertain 5-7 hungry people. The ceramic bowls are really handy, perfect for spreads and dips. 

The drawer is removable for easy and quick cleaning. People who bought this are impressed by the high quality of the set, considering the reasonable price.

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