7 Best Pop-Up Beach Tents (Easy to Set-Up)

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Having a cool and comfortable place to relax on the beach shouldn’t require you to haul several pounds of gear out onto the sand. 

But with the right pop-up beach tent, finding some shade is simple. After all, pop-up beach tents are lightweight, UV-resistant, and easy to set up. 

So, if you’re ready to ditch the back-breaking gear, be sure to consider our top picks for the best pop-up beach tents!

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Picks

Best for Adults: Oileus X-Large Beach Tent  at Amazon

Best for Babies: SAMIT Pop-Up Beach Tent at Amazon

Best for Beach: AbcoSport Pop-Up Tent at Amazon

Best with Zip Door: WolfWise UPF 50+ Beach Tent  at Amazon

Best with Sand Pockets: WhiteFang Deluxe XL Pop-Up Beach Tent at Amazon

Best with Pool: Monobeach Baby Beach Pop-Up Tent at Amazon

Best for Dogs: multifun Easy Pop Up Beach Tent at Amazon

Best Pop-Up Beach Tents

The best pop-up beach tents feature UV-resistant fabric and offer plenty of ventilation. They unfold in seconds, making it easy to prepare your spot on the sand for hours of beachside fun and relaxation. 

Below you’ll find our top picks for the best pop-up beach tents for adults, children, and pets.

Oileus X-Large Beach Tent – Best for Adults

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Many pop-up beach tents are only spacious enough to accommodate one or two people, but this extra-large beach tent can fit up to four adults (or two people and plenty of gear). 

So, this tent could be an excellent choice whether you’d like a roomy place to relax on the shore alone or are visiting the beach as part of a group. And though it doesn’t immediately pop up like smaller tents, set up only takes about 30 seconds.

The unique hexagonal base provides plenty of space to relax, and the ceiling extends to almost four feet, allowing users to install folding chairs without brushing up against the top of the tent.

One of the unique aspects of this beach tent is its built-in storage pockets (something missing from similar options). These mesh pockets are designed to keep your most precious belongings off the sand and out of harsh sunlight.


  • Capable of blocking up to 99% of ultraviolet light
  • It only weighs about four pounds
  • The wide base provides plenty of space for users to lay down and relax
  • Features six sand pockets for added stabilization


  • It doesn’t immediately pop up when removed from the carrying bag
  • Mesh window covers are located inside the tent, so rainfall could be a problem

SAMIT Pop-Up Beach Tent – Best for Babies

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Having a separate beach tent for your little one can be beneficial, as these tents can accommodate baby gear and toys, keeping the adult-sized tent clutter-free. 

Baby tents also function as a dedicated play space, so your little one can build sandcastles safely. In addition, the SAMIT Pop-Up Beach Tent has a sun-resistant exterior that blocks UV rays protecting children from harsh sunlight.

The mesh windows built into the sides and rear of this tent are also a nice touch, as they let air pass through the tent, keeping your child from overheating. Besides, the mesh has small openings that help keep flies and mosquitos at bay.

You can place a portable fan on the front door flap for added cooling, which doubles as a porch seating area. 

Because this tent is made of waterproof material, it rinses clean in just a few minutes. Your little one can bring as much sand as they desire into the tent without doing any long-term damage. 

The included wind ropes and stakes can help make this pop-tent stable enough to withstand mild coastal winds, but the mesh windows aren’t designed to keep the rain out. 


  • It can be used for babies and small children but is also spacious enough to accommodate a single adult
  • The mesh windows come with covers for additional sun protection
  • It opens up and is ready for use immediately
  • The front door flap doubles as a sitting area and could be a great place for little ones to play


  • Not designed for stormy or rainy weather
  • It may not be as budget-friendly as other baby-friendly tents

AbcoSport Pop-Up Tent – Best for Beach

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Some tents are designed to keep you warm in freezing weather, while others are better suited to warm environments. The AbcoSport Pop-Up Tent is one of the latter types, ideally designed for beach use.

In addition to featuring a UPF 50+ exterior coating to keep you safe from harsh sunlight, this uniquely-shaped tent has doors that double as mesh windows. So, you can welcome cooling breezes while also reducing your sun exposure!

Speaking of strong breezes, this tent has stakes and nylon ties to keep it stable. These come in a dedicated carrying bag to help you stay organized. 

Setting up this tent is straightforward, as it unfolds as soon as it’s removed from the included carrying case. So, you likely won’t break a sweat while getting your tent ready for a long day out by the waves. 

This tent is more than seven feet long, offering plenty of space for users to lay back and enjoy a beachside nap. This tent is spacious enough for an inflatable sleeping pad and pillow, though you can also store your beach gear inside and prop open a seat. 


  • Doors are made of mesh and feature roll-up covers to allow for plenty of airflow
  • Raised ceiling allows users to set up a chair and sit comfortably inside the tent
  • This tent is more than seven feet long, so users can lay down while inside
  • Automatically unfolds for near-instant use
  • Comes with tent carrying case and bag for accessories


  • May only accommodate a single beachgoer
  • Only available in a single color

WolfWise UPF 50+ Beach Tent – Best With Zip Door

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Privacy is a rare commodity when visiting the beach, but a pop-up beach tent with zip doors can help you relax in peaceful seclusion. The WolfWise UPF 50+ Beach Tent offers an above-average level of isolation from curious eyes.

This tent has two zippable doors and two mesh windows with roll-up covers. While this tent isn’t spacious enough for users to lay down while the doors are closed, the front door functions as a porch, keeping your legs and feet off the hot sand.

Thanks to the mesh windows, keeping cool while lounging in this pop-up tent is simple. The hidden fiberglass poles that give this tent its structure are sturdy enough to support small hanging items. So, you can hang a portable battery-powered fan in this tent with ease.

Even better, setting this tent up and packing it down only takes a few seconds! And though this tent is sized for two adults, it weighs less than four pounds, so you or a partner can tote it to the ideal spot in the sand without straining your arms, shoulders, or back.


  • The ceiling hanging hook is a great place to hang belongings or portable fans
  • Mesh windows have roll-up covers for additional privacy
  • The rear and front entryways are zippable
  • Features four sand pockets for added stability
  • It weighs less than four pounds and packs away in six simple steps


  • Not as spacious as other beach tents
  • Fabric can wrinkle while the tent is in storage

WhiteFang Deluxe XL Pop-Up Beach Tent – Best With Sand Pockets

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Many of the best pop-up beach tents feature sand pockets to help keep tents stable, even when strong coastal breezes blow across the sand. When paired with ties and stakes, sand pockets can make a tent virtually immovable! 

The WhiteFang Deluxe XL Pop-Up Beach Tent features five sand pockets, two square pockets on each side, and a massive rectangular pocket on the back. This feature is a significant improvement on tents that only feature three or four sandbags. 

This tent also comes with ties and stakes, so beachgoers can feel confident that this tent won’t fly away in the breeze. And while this tent won’t immediately pop open like smaller models, getting it upright and ready for use is as simple as pulling up on the top spring-loaded mechanism.

When it’s time to go home, you’ll only need to push down the top mechanism and roll the tent up. The included storage duffel makes transporting this tent from your car to the sand simple, and the tent weighs less than seven pounds!


  • It comes with stakes and ties for added stability
  • Set up is as simple as expanding the top mechanism
  • Large mesh windows keep the interior ventilated 
  • Front flap functions as a seating area or door
  • This tent comes in six bright, attractive colors


  • Not spacious enough to accommodate more than two adults
  • Metal components may rust over time
  • It may take more time to set up than other pop-up beach tents

Monobeach Baby Beach Pop-Up Tent – Best With Pool

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Keeping little ones safe from harsh UV rays is crucial. While sunscreen is an essential aspect of protecting your child from sunburn, a pop-up tent can also be helpful. 

A child-sized, beach-friendly pop-up tent with a pool is even better, allowing your little one to keep cool and make a splash. The Monobeach Baby Beach Pop-Up Tent is an excellent example, with a built-in pool only about eight inches deep. 

While you’ll need to dig a hole in the sand to make room for this pool, its fabric construction makes this tent exceptionally lightweight. Weighing less than 2lbs and folding up into a 21-inch bag, this pop-up tent won’t add a ton of weight to your beach bag.

Besides, getting this tent ready for use is as simple as removing it from the bag and letting it unfold. After that, you can push the four included tent pegs into the sand to keep the tent from blowing around in the breeze.


  • Springs open when removed from the bag, making it simple to set up
  • Tent material is UV-resistant with a rating of UPF 50+
  • Internal storage pockets are ideal for storing toys
  • It weighs less than 2lbs and comes with a bag for convenient carrying
  • Suitable for children up to three years old


  • The pool can accommodate infants and small children
  • Must dig a small hole to make space for the built-in baby pool
  • It does not feature sand pockets to keep the tent stable

multifun Easy Pop Up Beach Tent – Best for Dogs

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Keeping your four-legged family member safe from the sun doesn’t have to be a hassle, especially when you have a dog-sized beach tent! The multifun Easy Pop Up Beach Tent is a top-notch option for pet parents.

When removed from its carrying case, this tent instantly unfolds itself. Then, thanks to its flexible fiberglass structural rods, it folds back into a travel-friendly circular shape with just a few pushes and twists. 

In addition to features a UPF 50+ exterior that repels harmful sunrays, this tent has a soak-proof bottom layer that can handle pup-sized accidents. This waterproof interior makes it easy to wipe up messes and is resistant to staining.

Still, ventilation is one of the best aspects of this dog-friendly pop-up beach tent. The rear and sides feature wide mesh panels that allow cool air to enter and warm air to exit. In addition, the rear door is zippable, allowing pet parents to keep dogs secure.

Like other top-rated pop-up tents, this model unfolds as soon as you remove it from its convenient carrying case. Consequently, you won’t need to spend the better part of an hour getting it ready for use!


  • The elongated design allows dogs to rest comfortably
  • Fiberglass structure is flexible for fast set up and easy packing
  • Tent material is waterproof and UV-resistant
  • Built-in ventilation mesh helps keep pets cool on hot days
  • Spacious enough to accommodate dogs of all sizes


  • Larger dogs may be able to push this tent over while inside
  • It doesn’t include built-in water or food bowl
  • This tent doesn’t feature sand pockets for added stabilization

Final Thoughts

The best pop-up beach tent for you and your family varies depending on your needs and preferences. Still, any of our top picks could be an excellent choice. 

By focusing on the most crucial features of these helpful sun-safe shelters (UV-resistant fabric, ventilation, etc.), you’re bound to find a tent that fits your needs, preferences, and budget. 

So, before you plan your next beachside getaway, be sure to consider investing in a pop-up tent made for the occasion!

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