How Much Does a Luxury Picnic Cost in 2023?

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Picnics are enjoyable! One would say luxury picnics are the best, everybody wants to have one.

But before setting up a picnic party for any occasion, you may want to have an idea of what the budget will look like.

On average, throwing a luxury picnic can cost anything from $250 -$10,000.

This of course depends on your style, taste, and the number of people you are planning for.

Setting up a picnic and putting everything together all by yourself can be very stressful, you wouldn’t want to spend hours trying to figure out food, layout and all that would you?.

They are more like events that require picnic planners.  

Today we compared costs from 4 different companies, so you could get an idea of what you can get within your budget.

Best Overall: OC Luxury Picnic

Best Budget: Picnics in the City

Best Fancy: The Picnic Collective

Best Exotic: Wonder and Whimsey Events

1. Best Overall: OC Luxury Picnic (from $200)

OC Luxury picnic promises to do the hard work for you.

They are pretty affordable, located in California, and claim to be passionate about the food, style, and amazing services they provide.

They can set up customizable picnics which can accommodate 2-50 people.

There are beach and park setting options, the decoration comes with light, candles, pillows, and blankets.

One thing we love about them is that they serve fresh food and are open to you telling them you want in case you or any of your guests have allergies.

Their beach luxury picnic costs $275 for two persons and $75 per person for 5 guests or more.

Same rates for their park luxury picnic. They also have add-ons should you want to add more style.

2. Best Budget: Picnics in the city (from $169)

Located in Texas, Picnics in the city plan customized picnics for you and your loved ones.

Their price range is quite affordable compared to our other pics.

They offer different packages such as Boho picnics, Drive-thru Baby showers, proposal picnics, afternoon picnics, and pink-themed picnics.

However, they have picnic setups for only 20 persons which costs $709.

An extra fee of $20 is charged if there is an extra guest.

When you choose from their selection of packages, which range from $169 to $1,175 in cost, you can explore their collection of add-ons.

3. Best Fancy: The Picnic Collective (from $399)

The picnic collective has operations in California, Los Angeles, and Utah Valley.

One thing we love about Picnic Collective is that they made each picnic setting customizable.

You can choose between a bohemian styling, coastal styling, a romantic set-up, or a themed set-up.

Their food options are also customizable. Their prices range from $399 to $10, 000.

Literally, they can work with you to set up a picnic tailored specifically to your needs.

4. Best Exotic: Wonder and Whimsey Events (from $240)

Wonder and Whimsey Events is located in Kansas City, they offer a variety of event planning services including Picnic planning.

They have modernized picnics and we think their setups are beautiful because their styles are exotic and can be personalized.

They can work with you to do anything you want, but their packages are only made for 4 people with a price range of $240 to $440.

We love their add-on options, you could get a bell tent, specific lighting, furnishings, and shade umbrella.

Final Thoughts:

Luxury picnics’ cost varies and depends on your needs. It’s up to you to make the right choice, putting your budget into consideration too.

Getting a picnic planner may save you extra time and we hope you find our best picks helpful.

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    Great read, thanks for sharing your list of best picks! This really comes in handy, especially with new luxury picnic companies beginning to pop up. I love how vendors are able to put a price to every add-on – this allows guests to pick and choose how they will like to enhance their picnic experience.

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