How To Plan the Perfect Picnic Proposal: 12 Easy Steps (2020)

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Picnic proposals are one of the most romantic ways to ask your loved one to marry you. Wedding proposals should be romantic, unique and unforgettable.

If you’ve decided to propose, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed, stressed and nervous. This is perfectly normal. Keep in mind, that all you need is love, sincere words and a bit of planning. 

Follow our easy tips on how to plan a beautiful outdoor proposal:

1. Choose the perfect location: secluded, peaceful and romantic

Picking the right location for your outdoor proposal is crucial. Do you and your loved one have a favorite spot you both love? Maybe somewhere you first met or first kissed?

Look for a secluded spot where you and your significant other can relax without distractions.

Stay away from crowded places, unless you know for sure that your bae would prefer to be surrounded by people when you pop the question.

We recommend finding a sweet, romantic and intimate place out in nature, with lovely views. To give you some unique outdoor proposal ideas, here are 4 locations that are perfect for a marriage proposal:

a. In the Park

couple in the park

b. At the Beach

woman proposing at the beach

C. By the Lake

couple hugging by the lake

D. Mountain Top

2. Perfect Timing: Sunrise or Sunset

sunset date

If you and your special one are early risers, then a sunrise date might be just perfect for you. Organize a romantic picnic breakfast and enjoy the spectacular sunrise views. Here are some picnic breakfast ideas: hot coffee/tea, fresh fruit, croissants, lots of butter, waffles, toast and jam, avocado, eggs, granola, etc.

Sunset dates are very romantic and ideal for asking your partner to marry you. Grab some champagne, light up some candles, have dinner, and make wedding plans with your future wife/husband.

3. Check The Weather: Choose a Day with Clear Sky

marriage proposal tips

An outdoor proposal requires good weather. Rain, wind, and storms can ruin your proposal plans.

Make sure you check the weather and choose a sunny day. It’s always good to be prepared for the worst, so make sure you have some back-up plans in case it starts raining. If you’re living in a rainy city, you might want to check our latest article on how to picnic in the rain.

5. Bring Flowers and a Love Letter

roses and love letter in a basket

Flowers are romantic and create a beautiful decor, perfect for marriage proposals. A unique and thoughtful thing you can do is write a love letter dedicated to your significant other. Speak from the heart and make your sweetheart feel special and loved.

4. Bring a Picnic Basket

heart basket with wine and strawberries

What’s a picnic without a basket? The best way to carry all your food, drinks, cutlery, plates and glasses is by using a picnic basket. There are tons of options out there from small to large, old-fashioned wicker hampers to modern insulated baskets. 

For this special occasion, you should go with a unique and romantic willow basket that’s not only beautiful but also practical. The “Heart” picnic basket set comes with everything you need: high-quality plates, wine glasses, utensils, tablecloth and more

If you’re more modern, choose a picnic backpack instead. We love the insulated Vonshef backpack for 2 (link to Amazon) set instead.

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6. Bring a Cozy and Large Blanket

picnic blanket date

Lay on a blanket, watch the sky and enjoy each other’s company. Choose a blanket that’s large enough for two persons, and (most importantly!) make sure it comes with a waterproof backing designed to keep you dry and protect you from the wet ground.

Best Blanket: Scuddles Outdoor Blanket

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7. Ultimate Comfort: Extra Pillows

seating cushions romantic

Take some cushioned pillows for extra comfort and to create an inviting, romantic and cozy seating area.

8. Picnic Food & Drinks Menu Ideas

One of the most important things to consider when organizing a picnic is the food. Because it’s a special date, prepare a delicious menu with her/his favorite meals. Keep things simple.

Important: If you don’t bring a cooler, take ice packs (link to Amazon) to keep everything cold and safe to eat.

Here are some food ideas for a romantic picnic outing:

Fresh Fruits

strawberries, blueberries and wine

Cheese, Nuts, Honey & Crackers

cheese and antipasto

Spreads, Dips & Crusty or Flat Bread

pastry and bread

Sandwiches, Pasta Salads, Chicken Wraps, Roll-ups

taco picnic

Bring His/Her Favorite Food (triple cheeseburgers, fries, pizza)

burgers picnic date

Sweet desserts (cake, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate)

sweet eclair on tray on the beach

Refreshing Drinks (Water, Tea, Kombucha, Ginger Lemonade)

fresh drinks outdoor proposal

9. Champagne Or Wine

couple toasting with white wine

Celebrate your love with a glass of champagne or sparkling wine.

10. Take the Camera

photographer wedding proposal

Your marriage proposal is something you’ll remember all your life. Capture those beautiful moments by taking plenty of photos. You also have the option to hire a hidden paparazzi photographer to capture your unforgettable marriage proposal.

11. Bring a Bluetooth Speaker to Play Her/His Favorite Music

bring music to picnic

Do you have “a song”, or a favorite playlist? For extra romance, maybe it’s a good idea to bring a BlueTooth speaker that can play your favorite songs in the background.

12. Propose early so you won't be nervous all day long

propose early

Proposing can be very stressful for the person who asks the question. If you want to enjoy the romantic date without feeling anxious all the time, don’t wait until the end to ask her/him to marry you.
As early as possible, when you feel it’s the right moment, drop to one knee, speak from the heart and pop the question. Then you’ll have the rest of the day free to enjoy everything you have planned.

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