11 Best Unbreakable Outdoor Wine Glasses in 2024

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When we go out of doors for a hike or a picnic, a glass of wine can add an element of enjoyment and relaxation to the experience. 

Unfortunately, a proper wine glass can be a hassle to pack and care for while on the go. 

This is where outdoor wine glasses come in to save the day.

These “glasses” are usually made from plastic, acrylic, stainless steel, or even silicone, and are designed to be virtually unbreakable

When looking for the best outdoor wine glasses we researched to find the highest quality items that have been approved by other outdoor fans, and that also met our wishlist. 

Our selections include some or all of the following criteria:

  • Shatterproof
  • BPA-free
  • Insulation
  • Taste-preservation
  • Spillproof
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Durable

We hope our list of outdoor glasses helps you find the perfect fit for your needs!

Best Outdoor Wine Glasses

Best Overall: Vinglace Stemless Wineglass

The Vinglace Stemless wineglass is perfect for the wine aficionado who enjoys taking a glass of wine on travels out of doors.

This stemless wineglass has a glass liner so your wine has a pure taste that is untainted by metallic or plastic flavors

The outside of the tumbler is stainless steel so your glass is protected from breakage.

When you are ready to wash it, simply twist the glass liner and wash it in the dishwasher

The stainless steel outer shell can then be washed by hand. This uniquely insulated glass will keep your drink cold for hours and can even resist the heat of the coffee. It also includes a spillproof lid to keep your drink safe while on the go. 

This is our overall best pick since it includes many of our wish-list factors such as taste, durability, insulation, and for its spillproof capabilities.

Best Glass Wine Glass: Joy Jolt Stemless Wine Glass

For those who prefer to drink wine out of a proper glass, these shatter-resistant wine glasses may be exactly what you’ve been wanting. 

The Joy Jolt brand prides itself on making a glass–out of glass– that is dishwasher safe and virtually indestructible

They also have over 10,000 reviews to back up the claim. While stemmed glasses tend to be top-heavy, these glasses have a broad base, which prevents spills and breakage

They also are shaped to fit easily into your hand for a secure grip. This glass can be a good choice for someone who enjoys the rugged outdoors but likes to keep things elegant when it comes to a glass of wine.

Best Tumbler with Handle: Dokio Insulated Wine Glass

For those who like to keep a secure grip on a drink, this Dokio wine glass is a great option. It comes with a handle, a powder-coated finish that prevents slipping, and a lid

The stainless steel wine glass also has a vacuum seal to keep your drinks at your perfect temperature. 

The lid is made of BPA-free plastic and its hole is designed to fit a straw if you wish to use one. Some customers have noticed some chipping on the outside finish over time. 

We love the security of this wine glass and the fact that it is dishwasher safe. Overall, the Dokio is relatively inexpensive for an insulated wine glass, and we feel that it has some great features for its price range.

Best Freezable Plastic Wine Glass: Host Cooling Cup

Each glass is filled with cooling gel and comes with an insulated silicone band for a comfortable hold and a good grip.

For white wine, you can place the wine glass upside-down in the freezer for an even balance of the cooling gel. 

And since red wines are supposed to be served just a little cooler than room temperature, you can pop a wine glass into the refrigerator before serving. 

These glasses are made from BPA-free plastic, so you don’t have to worry about breakage when taking them outdoors, but you will need to worry about hand-washing them after using them. 

We love that these glasses also double as mini-coolers so your wine can stay at an ideal temperature.

Best Disposable: Chateau Fine Stemless

For larger gatherings, these disposable wine glasses can save you the hassle of clean-up. 

In this set of 32 BPA-free glasses, each glass has a finger indentation for a solid grip. While many disposable glasses come with a rough finish on the rim, these rims are smooth so you are able to enjoy your wine to the fullest. 

This set is a relatively inexpensive option for you to be able to enjoy a glass of wine at a picnic with friends, a backyard party, or a church gathering. When you are done, you can simply dispose of them onsite, recycle them, or handwash them for a future get-together.

Best Floating Wine Glass: The Beach Glass

These acrylic glasses are some of the most unique glasses we found! They are perfect for a beach picnic where you run into uneven terrain. 

These glasses stake directly into the sand and keep your drink securely grounded without the need for a table. Or, at a pool party, you can let your glass float gently beside you in the water… assuming, of course, that the water next to you is fairly placid. 

One drawback to this design is that there is no foot on this glass. So, if you want to exit the water area and take your wine to the table, you would need to keep your glass in your hand. 

Still, we love the unique design of these glasses and feel they add a spark of fun to your summer plans.

Best Removable Stem: Camco Wine Glass

While some prefer to sip their wine from a stemmed glass, others prefer a stemless glass that rests on a more solid base. 

These wine glasses allow you and yours to pick your preference with their removable stems. The stems are color-coded so you can keep track of which glass is your and which is your friend’s. 

Each glass is made of stainless steel and is vacuum insulated to keep your drinks hot or cold. The plastic lid is made out of BPA-free plastic and is perfect for protecting your wine from passing flies while you are out of doors. 

These glasses are handwash only and cannot be put in the freezer or microwave.

Best Wine Tumbler: Yeti Rambler Wine Tumbler

Yeti is well-known for its quality products and versatile designs! We love their Yeti Wine Rambler for when you want to take your wine out of doors.

 This stainless steel wine glass is double-wall insulated and has a coating on the outside of the cup to prevent your hands from sweating. 

The lid has an opening for you to drink from and snaps shut using a magnet seal. The lid does not claim to be spillproof, but it adds an added layer of protection to your drink while out of doors. 

A downside is that some customers have noted that the outside can show signs of wear after usage. Still, we love that this wine glass is versatile for hot or cold drinks and that it is dishwasher safe

The Yeti has been proven by thousands of customers and can make a great companion for heading out into the wild.

Best Soft-side Wine Flask: Iziusy Cruise Flask

When wine is allowed in an area, but glass is not, these soft-sided wine bags can be a great asset. 

A foldable funnel is included in this set to easily pour your preferred wine into a flask and head to your favorite location. 

The screwcaps seal tightly to avoid leakage and the bags are sturdy so they don’t pop in your backpack or cooler. 

These flasks pack relatively flat and one wine flask can hold 16 oz. of wine. This can be an ideal wine carrier for you and your significant other on a romantic picnic date. 

Or, you can use it as an adult juice box and drink directly from the flask! This is a compact way to carry wine for up to two people.


Best Foldable Wine Glass: Silipint Silicone Wine Glasses

If you have limited space in your picnic basket or backpack, these silicone glasses can be packed flat

These durable and unbreakable glasses are made from 100% food-grade silicone and can be microwaved or dish-washed. 

They have a wide base and a polished surface. The silicone makes these comfortable to drink from and an added bonus is that they come in festive colors

These glasses could make a great pairing with the Iziusy Cruise Flask for a wine set that can be packed flat for compact and lightweight travel.

Best Stackable Wine Glass: Asobu StackNGo

For picnicking with wine, these glasses are a handy asset. The stems can be removed and placed inside the bowl of the wine glass for a more compact fit

Also, the foot of the wine glass acts as a lid when traveling, which preserves a clean rim for when you are ready to drink wine. 

The two glasses click together and can be carried easily to your favorite picnic spot with a handy wrist strap. We love that these travel-friendly glasses are also dishwasher safe and 100% BPA free.

Final thoughts

Once upon a time, you might have had to choose between packing glass and going without wine. 

But today, there are thousands of outdoor wine glasses available on the market that will allow you to have your wine and travel, too.

While searching for the best outdoor wine glasses, we found many unique and surprising finds, such as the glass-lined Vinglace, silicone glasses, an ever-popular Yeti, and even a wine glass perfect for a beach getaway. Let us know which outdoor wine glass inspires you to pack wine and travel!

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