7 Best Insulated Trunk Organizers for Groceries (with coolers) (2024 review)

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After reviewing dozens of insulated trunk organizers, we’re convinced that the X-Cosrack Trunk Organizer is the best on the market. 

Maybe you are out to get groceries for a family get-together, a picnic, or just making your regular weekly rounds at your local grocery store.

Whatever your plan, a simple grocery run can turn into an event! For many of us, we’ll need to make a few stops to find all our family’s favorites. 

You don’t want to do all the legwork and then find that some of your fresh food comes home looking wilted.

Or, that your eggs have tumbled out of their grocery bag and have reached a sad fate on your trunk floor. 

Having an insulated trunk organizer with cooler as a backup can help you keep your foods fresh and organized while you wind your way home.

These are some of our favorite designs.

Best Insulated Trunk Organizers for groceries

1. Best Overall: X-Cosrack Trunk Organizer

Key Features

Extra large coverage
Two insulated chests
Waterproof and oil-proof
Washable and folds flat

This insulated trunk organizer gets our best vote to cover your needs. We love that it gives extra-large coverage and that it comes with not one, but two insulated chests! Both of these chests can latch onto the larger form, or detach to easily carry to a tailgate, BBQ, or picnic.

Since it can break down into smaller pieces, you have the option to take a cooler up in the front seat with you to keep snacks at the ready for long car trips. 

It has PVC base supports that are removable to make this design fully washable and foldable. Also, all compartments are water-proof, oil-proof, and spill-proof.

It comes with mesh pockets for your little items that you don’t want getting lost. To make sure your organizer stays where it needs to be, this model comes with tie-down straps. This organizer is really an all-around practical design, and we love its versatility!

2. Best Compartment Space: Tuff Viking Trunk Organizer

Key Features

Removable dividers (3 or 6 compartments)
One insulated cooler
Waterproof umbrella material
Heavy-duty construction
Doesn’t come with lids.

This trunk organizer can expand to fit your van or SUV or size down to fit in your front seat

It has removable compartment dividers, which leave you with the choice to have 3 or 6 open compartments

We love that you can use the compartments to keep small items from rolling around or you can remove the dividers and use this space for your large produce items or your sports equipment. 

It is lined with waterproof umbrella material to make sure that spills don’t seep through and make your car trunk smell like stale orange juice. 

The removable insulated chest is a great feature! This allows you to keep your ice cold goods in the soft-side chest and then take them with you to a ball game or picnic. 

The reinforced handles are helpful for comfortable carrying. This organizer comes with 4-way tie downs to make sure your items stay where you want them. No more grocery bags rolling around in your trunk!

Things we could still wish for: The insulated portion in this organizer is rather small. Also a lid would be a nice option for this organizer.

3. Best Car Travel Bag: High Road Snack Stash

Key Features

Ideal for road trips
Keeps food/drinks cold for 36 hours
Holds up to 15 canned drinks
Keeps snacks in reach

For parents with kids, this back-of-the-seat car travel bag can be a lifesaver on long road trips

This cooler space allows kids to keep their drinks cold, snacks in reach and their spirits content while you are driving down the highway. It also gives me flashbacks of road trips as a kid with our way-to-cool armrest coolers in our minivan, but I digress.

This cooler has side pockets for bottled drinks and front pockets for snacks, tissues or games on the sides.

It has a leak-proof liner and is insulated to keep drinks cold for up to 36 hours. So theoretically, you could drive from New York and arrive in Las Vegas with cold drinks!

This is a great road trip bag, or for when you are just wanting to grab a few perishable items and keep them close to the front A/C. In spite of its compact size, this cooler can hold up to 15 canned drinks.

Overall, we feel that this small-scale cooler has a lot of practical features. One drawback to add, is that it can only be spot-cleaned.

4. Best Compact Design: Higher Gear Organizer with Lid

Key Features

Compact size (leaves space for larger items)
10 large pockets
Comes with a large lid
Reflective strip design (ideal for tailgating)

Big isn’t always better, and we love this organizer’s compact design. In the warmer summer months, you may also have to make room for a stroller, bike, or luggage for a road trip, so the compact size of this organizer may be a great fit. 

It helps you organize your space and still leaves space for the larger items that also have to fit in your trunk.

Also, if you are heading out for a day of outside fun at the beach, park, or lake, this organizer is compact enough to fill with your games, food, and whatever you are packing, and carry with you for outside fun.

It has 10 large pockets to hold the small items like sunscreen, wipes, and granola bars. It also has a removable cooler that can go wherever you do. The tie down straps help this organizer stay in place. 

The reflective strip can be beneficial for visibility if you are having a tailgate. Also, we love that this cooler has a lid!

5. Best Prepared-Food Bag: BELLEFORD Insulated Food Delivery Bag

Key Features

Open Design
Keeps food hot or cold
Commercial grade zipper
Leak-proof design

If you are headed to a church picnic, reunion, or potluck, this could be a great way to keep your casserole dishes or chafing containers either hot or cold depending on your need. 

This large, open design is also for the grocery shopper who likes to put all their bags in one place without feeling the need to compartmentalize. 

It is soft-sided, so it is easy to flatten and keep at the ready. The inside is leak-proof to protect your car from a spilled casserole. It is durable with reinforced handles and a commercial-grade zipper. This cooler may even inspire you to apply at Uber-Eats and make your food transport a lucrative activity!

6. Best for In-Store Shopping: Lotus Insulated Grocery Cart Bags

Key Features

Organize while you shop
4 compartments
100% machine washable
Carry up to 200 pounds (50 pounds each bag)

This is the most unique design we found for your grocery shopping needs! This set of 4 bags is designed to go in the store with you and help you organize while you shop

The bags each have rod inserts that glide across the top of your shopping cart. The rods can be removed to make these bags completely machine washable

There are pockets designed to fit more fragile items like an egg carton or wine. When you are finished checking out, you can close the bags to keep your items fresh while you travel home.

Each bag is tested to carry up to 50 pounds and they have an option to be carried over your shoulder with their extra-long handles.

7. Best Picnic Design: Orionstar Carrier

Key Features

Beautiful design
Removable insulated bag
Comes with front pockets
Strong dividers

For a cute girls’ picnic or date night, this cooler has a more photo-friendly aspect so you won’t feel the need to photoshop it out of your pictures. 

This bag has a great “summer-time is here” look, and comes with several of the features that we appreciated about the other trunk organizer options. It has a removable insulated bag, and the organizer is a mid-size model that is easy to carry out to a picnic spot

You can organize picnic items in the container space and put plates and napkins in the front pockets so you are not worried about your picnic items blowing away in the wind.

It is durable, with strong dividers that won’t collapse while in transport. This is a good choice for a middle-of-the-road, insulated trunk organizer!

Finding the best-insulated trunk organizer for you:

grocery bag organizer

When you are choosing the best organizer, it is important to prioritize your needs, and think about how you will be wanting to use it most. 

Maybe you are wanting the sturdiest model for wear and tear, something cute for your outdoor teas and picnics, or to get the groceries squared away so they are not rolling around in your trunk. 

We picked some of our favorites based on versatility, travel-convenience, storage capacity, and aspect. We hope our favorites can help you find the one that’s right for you!

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