9 Best Portable Picnic Tables: Foldable and Sturdy (2024)

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A portable picnic table can be a great asset and make your food set-up so much easier. Many picnic spots have tables set up for visitors but not all.

Instead of trying to balance food in your lap, or leaving plates on your blanket to tempt a family of ants, it is a great idea to bring along a small or full-size portable table to display your spread and hold your drinks for you. 

When looking for the perfect picnic table, some factors we took into consideration were:

  • Portability
  • Seating
  • Trunk space
  • Cooking needs
  • Stability
  • Aesthetics
  • Cup holders
  • Practicality
  • Uniqueness

These 9 foldable picnic tables hit the most categories on our wish list for setting up the perfect picnic! 

Quick Picks

Cosco Outdoor Table

Best streamlined design

Lifetime 22119 Putty

Best Overall

Boho Folding Table

Best handcrafted design

Best Portable Picnic Tables

1. Best Overall: Lifetime Folding Picnic Table

Key Features

Seats up to 8 people
Made of heavy duty materials
Folds completely flat
What we don’t like: A bit heavy

This full-size picnic table comes with built-in benches and can seat up to 8 people. It is made out of durable material with steel supports and a high-density polyethylene tabletop.

It can fold flat in one piece to fit into a pick-up bed or luggage space. If you are looking for a solid sturdy table, this is it! The drawback is that it is also very heavy to lug to your picnic spot (about 77 lbs!). 

At least you know that it won’t be easily blown over by the wind! This picnic table is a good choice for backyard parties or camping vacations where you can park close to your picnic spot and leave the table set up for a few days. 

2. Best Modern Design: Cosco Picnic Table

Key Features

Fits 6 people
Excellent for patios and picnics on the go
100% weather-resistant

With a beautiful, streamlined design, this table is a must-have addition to your picnic set-ups. With two spacious benches, this attractive piece is made from high-quality metal and plastic resin. It collapses in a flat piece, easy to transport to your destination. 

The material it’s made of is water, weather, and scratch-resistant. It also features an umbrella hole, so you could add a patio umbrella in the middle for some nice shade.

The table fits 6 people comfortably, which makes it one of the largest on this list.

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3. Best Boho Table: Benewin All-purpose

Key Features

Compact Size
Extra portable
Ideal for boho picnics

If you are needing to conserve space, this Benewin all-purpose table may be right for you! The tabletop is made of solid wood planks and can roll up when not in use.

The wooden legs also fold to allow the entire table to fit inside its slender carrying bag. This table can easily fit in a very full trunk or can even slide under a seat! 

The low height can be perfect for a boho picnic where you sit on floor pillows. Weighing in at approximately 14 lbs, it misses a star on portability but overall we really liked its compactness, sturdiness, and aesthetic!

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4. Best Kids Folding Picnic Table: Outsunny Folding Table

Key Features

Attractive wooden / metal design
Collapses into an easy-to-transport suitcase
Too small for 4 adults, but the ideal size for kids.

This is our favorite folding small outdoor table, by far. The Galvan table collapses in an easy-to-carry suitcase (with handle) making it perfect for picnics, camping trips, or spontaneous backyard dining. 

It fits comfortably 2 adults and 2 kids. For four kids, it’s a perfect size- but four adults would be too small.

The quality is fantastic and well-constructed to last you years.

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5. Best Adjustable Table: Soundance Portable Table

Key Features

Adjustable 4 levels of heights
Sturdy and stable
Available in multiple fun colors

The Soundance portable table is made for indoor or outdoor use. With one button, you can adjust this table to 4 different heights! 

The “x” design of the frame and the non-slip guards on the foldout legs provide stability to this table. It comes in a few fun colors, but if you want your party to have a fancier flare, you can cover the steel legs with a tablecloth. This is a good practical table to keep food away from the ground.

6. Best Grill Table: Lifetime Tailgate

Key Features

Ideal asset when cooking outdoors
4 drink rests
Features steel stove rack for hot items

We love this practical table to take to the next picnic, cookout, or tailgate! It has a built-in handle cutout for easy grip when transporting this sturdy table. Four drink rests are molded into the table-top to help keep your drinks stable on a windy day!

Another asset to this table is its foldout steel stove-rack to place hot items when you are firing up the grill. When you don’t need this feature it stores easily on one side. 

This is a large, heavy duty table that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It can fit a lot of friends, and hold a lot of plates of food!

7. Best Table + Chair Design for Two: Impact Instant Canopy Table

  • Extremely portable design
  • Space saver
  • Easy to set up

This one-piece design folds out to become a table and 2 chairs. We like that with this model there are no table legs to restrict your space and that the table is stabilized even more by your own weight at the table.

There is the possibility that if one or both of you got up from the table suddenly it might upset the balance a bit. 

But overall we like that this table gives you the chance to relax and set up a picnic spot with ease! When you are ready to pack up, there is a handy handle you can use to carry it off and load it up.

8. Best Wine Table: Danaba Wine and Cheese

Key Features

High-Quality Premium Design
Room for 1 bottle and 2 glasses
100% wood material

Get a little fancy with this portable wine and cheese table! This mini table receives the award for the most unique design! It uses a bottle of your favorite wine to form a weight and pillar for the table. 

It can hold two wine glasses and comes complete with a removable charcuterie tray.

The tray has 2 dividers to separate meat and cheese from crackers or fruit. The 2 handles make it easy to carry out to the patio or picnic spot without spilling the wine. This is a perfect mini table for a date-night to keep your wine upright and hold your drinks.

9. Best Portable Checkers Table: Alps Mountaineering Eclipse Table

Key Features

Ideal for Checkers Lovers
Comes with drink holders
Lightweight (6lbs)

This is a fun design for a picnic with friends! You can use it to set up food and eat a meal… then later you can bring out some checker pieces and play a game in natural surroundings! 

The corner buckles allow you to adjust the tautness of this square 4-top table. With drink holders on the lower level, you have plenty of room to play a game unobstructed or eat your food without worrying about a drink spilling on your food. 

You can also use the lower level to keep phones out of the sunlight. There is even a small zip pouch on one side where you could keep checker pieces!

Weighing only 6 lbs, this is one of the most portable tables we’ve found! We love the fun that this table can add to a picnic!

Wrap up

For a picnic out in nature, or a backyard party, these portable tables can come in handy to hold your food and keep your drinks from spilling. Whether you like a low boho-style table for a few friends, or a table to seat your whole family, we hope you find some helpful choices for your next outdoor picnic!

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