5 Clever Ways to Keep Tablecloths from Blowing Away (2023)

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Wind can ruin your beautiful outdoor events, whether we’re talking about picnics, family reunions, tea parties, or patio dinners.

If you’re wondering how to keep your tablecloth fixed on your table or keep it from blowing away on windy days and save your events, here are some clever solutions for you. 

The best way is to prepare ahead and buy some specially designed tablecloth clips or weights that will secure your table cover in place even in the highest winds and over the most slippery surfaces.

How to keep your tablecloth from blowing away:

1. Firmly secure it with tablecloth clips

Tablecloth clips (also called clamps) are one of the most helpful tools out there specifically designed to hold your tablecloth in place. 

They fit most of the outdoor tables (picnic tables, patio tables) and hold the tablecloths firmly in place to prevent them from slipping or being blown away in high winds. 

Easy to install and to take off, they’re usually made from stainless steel or plastic and the best ones won’t scratch your table cover. 

After more than 40 hours of research, we think the “Maxdot Clamps Set(link to Amazon) is the best choice for most people.

They fit all types of rectangular and rounded tables and also are flexible and wide enough to fit thick tables as well.

2. Use heavy tablecloth weights

Another smart option is to attach table cloth weights to your cloth’s corners to keep it in place. 

There are lots of options out there, but most of them won’t perform well in strong winds and storms. 

However, we’ve found the best ones on the market that can handle every horrible windstorm out there and make sure your table cover is secured in place. 

Cast Iron Weights

Abbot Collection

We love these white cast iron table weights made by Abbott Collection, they’re beautiful, vintage-looking, cute, small and super heavy. 

They do a fantastic job on preventing your beautiful plastic, vinyl or cotton cloth to fly away.

3. Place heavy rocks on the table’s corners

If you don’t have any access to clamps or tablecloth weights, no worries, you can still improvise and try some traditional methods. 

This DIY method is simple, just place a few heavy items on the top of the tablecloth along the edges of your outdoor table. For best results, use rocks or bricks. This should do the trick and keep your cover in place.

4. Use duct tape

Another popular method which kind of works is to use duct tape around the table.

It isn’t the most effective solution and maybe not the prettiest, but it will hold your cloth in place in light winds.

If you want to make it look more interesting and playful, you can use colorful duck tape.

5. Use a rubber band and tie the corners

Gather the cloth’s corners together in your hands like a ponytail, take a rubber band and snugly wrap it around just like Sophie explains in this awesome video below.

These methods work with any type of materials, including vinyl waterproof tablecloths, cotton ones, and basically anything else.

YouTube video

Featured Image Photo by: Karen Hill 

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