Here Are 35+ Easy Vegan Picnic Ideas You Have To Try!

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vegan picnic ideas

Finally, picnic season is here, and you are probably already planning your next outing to enjoy the sunny weather. Making a picnic party for your friends and family requires planning.

If you or someone you love is a vegan, you’ll have to think of vegan picnic options too. In this article, we have brought you 35+ easy vegan picnic ideas as recipes.

Don’t worry, all of them are plant-based and will guarantee you a cruelty-free time spent outdoors. 

Let’s dig in!


35+ Vegan Picnic Ideas

vegan pizza slices

#1 - Vegan Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? Combine some vegan parmesan and sauteed tomatoes, and even the non-vegans will want a bite.

vegan potato salad with beans and onion

#2 - Potato Salad Vegan Style

We make this light and crunchy idea the day before the event, so it’s less of a hassle. Just don’t forget a fancy bowl.

#3 - Vegan No-Bake Cookies

Using only simple ingredients like oats, vegan butter, and almond milk, these cookies are addictive and light, just right for the summertime.

beginner friendly falafel vegan

#4 - Beginner-Friendly Falafel

Falafel is a super-spicy option, tender on the inside, and crunchy on the outside. After trying these, you’ll never miss meat again.

dakos vegan salad with olives in a bowl

#5 - Dakos Salad

The combination of cherry tomatoes, olives, and rusks makes this an irresistible and rejuvenating combination, you have to try out.

strawberry lemonade in glasses with mint

#6 - Strawberry Lemonade

Refreshing lemonade with a sweet twist of real strawberries, combined to make the most refreshing summer drink.

salad plate with tofu and avocado

#7 - Tofu and Avocado Salad

This green salad will perfectly accompany any picnic. It tastes even better if you marinate the tofu the night before.

vegan snacks board

#8 - Snack Board for Vegans

Arrange your snacks comprising dips, vegetables, fruits, and nuts, all on a large enough board.

Italian vegan grissini

#9 - Italian Grissini or Breadsticks

One of our favorite party snacks are these delicious breadsticks, which you can combine with any vegan dip from our list. Try them out, so they become your favorites too!

easy vegan pasta salad bowl

#10 - Vegan Pasta Salad

Serve it as a salad or a main dish with minimal fuss and combine ingredients with what you have in the kitchen.

marinated balsamic mushrooms for picnic

#11 - Marinated Mushrooms

Pack a mason jar of balsamic marinated mushrooms, which are easy to transport and can be used as a side dish or dip.

vegan chocolate brownies stacked on each other

#12 - Easy Vegan Brownies

This beloved dessert is a perfect mixture of rich and fudgy, try it out..

vegan picnic gyros with jackfruit

#13 - Vegan Gyros

Caramelized onions and jackfruit pork, wrapped in vegan pitas with maple syrup and soy sauce, is going to leave you wanting more.

vegan tomato orzo idea for picnic

#14 - Vegan Tomato Orzo

Serve this tasty tomato orzo as a salad, everyone will love it for its roasted tomato relish.

vegan ice cream idea

#15 - 3 Ingredients Vegan Ice Cream

Blend coconut milk, tahini, and maple syrup, and freeze to make our most refreshing dessert. Make sure to read our tips on how to keep your food cold outside.

peas and leeks vegan pasta

#16 - Spring Pasta

Served warm or cold, spring pasta consisting of peas, leeks, and asparagus will leave them asking for more.

vegan Lebanese fattoush salad

#17 - Vegan Lebanese Fattoush Salad

Another make-ahead salad from fresh Lebanese bread, lettuce, and Fattoush dressing is foolproof for a summer outing.

vegan beetroot humus dip idea

#18 - Beetroot Hummus

An earthy but innovative dip for your vegan picnic. Beetroot hummus is a fun version of hummus, you should try out.

artichoke hummus dip

#19 - Artichoke Hummus

Another light but easily made hummus version is artichoke hummus.

mushroom pate dip for picnic

#20 - Mushroom Pate

Creamy cheese, savory mushrooms, and virgin olive oil all come together to make this mouth-watering spread.

vegan mango sorbet

#21 - Mango Sorbet

Putting this velvety mango sorbet into glass bowls will take more time than its preparation.

shaved asparagus noodles

#22 - Asparagus Noodles

Shaved asparagus noodles, topped with some tofu and classic pesto is just as light as it needs to be, for a summer vegan picnic.

peach ice tea

#23 - Peach Iced Tea

Unsweetened peach syrup perfectly matches a hint of black tea, all that with some ice on top, to refresh your guests.

fruit picnic salad

#24 - Fruit Salad with Citrus Maple Syrup

Top your favorite seasonal fruit’s fresh taste off with some maple syrup and apple juice dressing.

zucchini vegan wraps finger food

#25 - Raw Zucchini Wraps

These raw zucchini wraps are the vegan version of finger food. Combine them with seasonal veggies and pesto, for the crispest of tastes.

zucchini vegan wraps finger food

#26 - Simple Vegan Guacamole

Without this dish, you can’t even imagine a picnic. So hurry up and smash those avocadoes!

grilled vegetables easy idea

#27 - Grilled Vegetables

Another one of our easy vegan picnic ideas is this staple picnic food, grilled vegetables. It doesn’t get simpler than this.

sesame crackers

#28 - Sesame Crackers

If you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your dips, why not try this sesame goodness?

beet chips baked in the oven

#29 - Oven Beet Chips

These delicious oven-baked beet chips are the healthy version of potato chips.

ginger root tea lemon mint

#30 - Ginger Root Tea with Lemon and Mint

This refreshing and very easy-to-prepare drink takes only three aromatic plants: ginger, lemon, and mint, to make you a drink that will refresh your tastebuds.

olive focaccia bread

#31 - Olive and Rosemary Focaccia

This focaccia bread combines olives and rosemary, it’ll make you feel like you’re picnicking in Italy.

vegan picnic dessert with peaches

#32 - Vegan Peach Cobbler

Juicy peaches topped with fluffy biscuits make this a staple picnic food but turned vegan.

vegan picnic dessert idea with apple crisp

#33 - Vegan Apple Crisp

An array of nuts over juicy fruits in a huge ceramic baking dish. Is there anything that sounds better than that?

healthy falafel burger

#34 - Falafel Burgers

Looking for a healthy way to substitute burgers on your grill? Try falafel patties, topped with some hummus and pita bread.

banana bread

#35 - Banana Bread

Last but definitely not least is another staple of our easy vegan picnic ideas. Who doesn’t love this recipe?

vegan rolled oats bars

#36 - Vegan Oat Bars

These oat bars are perfect if you’re on the run to make it to that picnic, or if you’re looking for a timeout snack.

So far, we have reviewed 36 easy vegan picnic ideas. The goal was to help you find the perfect recipe for your picnic, be it the main course, dessert or drink. 

We hope our short but informative article helped you in doing just that and enjoying a beautiful summer outing with your vegan friends or family.

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