12 Best Picnic Blankets of 2020 (updated)

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. This adds no cost to our readers, for more information read our earnings disclosure.

Comfortable, soft, spacious, portable, waterproof and durable, a picnic blanket is always a trusty companion.

Whether you’re headed to the beach, to the park or you just want to lounge in your own backyard, we’ve picked the best picnic blankets available on the market. 

If you want to see what makes a good picnic blanket, check our comprehensive buying guide below our picks.

1. Best Overall and Best Waterproof: MIU Color

Our Rating:

Our favorite waterproof picnic blanket is the MIU Color Extra Large. We love that it’s waterproof on both sides, very comfortable, super spacious, and it looks great too. 

This one is large enough for a group of 4 persons to lounge on comfortably.

The 3 layer design is what makes the blanket really stand out. It’s built with 3 layered materials, which add durability, thickness, protection and superior cushioning. 

Heat-resistant and waterproof, the backing is well-built to perform excellent in wet conditions and hot weather. You can lay it on the wet ground or on the hot sand, either way, the blanket will provide you with premium comfort and coziness.

You won’t have to worry about spilling drinks/wine. This model repels liquids and is incredibly easy to wipe it clean.

The brand designed the blanket in a compact way to allow you to easily take it anywhere with you. It folds into a convenient and small carrying ‘purse’ with handle for easy carrying. 

Feels soft and comfortable, and is very practical too. Definitely, our favorite on the list.

2. Most Popular: Scuddles Extra Large

Our Rating:

Elegant, stylish, and practical – the Scuddles blanket is one of the most popular blankets available on Amazon. 

It’s easy to clean and even if you spill something on it, the blanket doesn’t absorb liquids and washes off quickly. 

Ideal for outdoor concerts, beach trips, picnics in the park or sports events. It folds itself into a small little bag, easy to carry to your outing spot. The compact size allows you to easily place the blanket at the bottom of your picnic basket. 

The bottom layer is made from waterproof PEVA, a high-quality material that doesn’t absorb moisture from the ground or from the spilled drinks.

At the same time, the backing provides extra protection and added cushion to soften the ground in case it’s rocky or hard.  

The top fabric is soft and made from fleece, which is comfortable and cozy. The material feels nice and any crumbs left are easy to brush off. 

On a hot day, the material doesn’t retain heat and stays cool under the sun – perfect for picnics on the beach.

Although the brand says it’s machine-washable, some people observed threads unraveling after washing it in the machine. Make sure to wash it on a delicate cycle and air dry it after.

3. Comfy and machine washable: Roebury Beach Blanket

Our Rating:

With a 3 layer design, the Roebury blanket is comfy, thick and ultra water-resistant. Perfect for beach outings, camping trips, concerts, festivals, and picnics in the park. 

The top and bottom layers repel water and don’t collect mud, leaves, dirt or sand. The sand simply shakes off the blanket.  It folds into a compact, zipped and thin tote with pocket and a strap for easy carrying.

Some innovative people found another use for the zipped-up tote, and use it as a seat cushion. Others also use it as seat cover if you travel with dogs or other pets. 

The lining is machine-washable which makes any picnic experience hassle-free. Simply throw it in the washer and air dry it to get a brand new looking Roebury blanket.

You can safely lay it on wet or damp grass. The backing will protect against moisture and not allow water or dampness to seep through.

Size is ideal for 2 adults and 2 kids.  

4. Best Comfort & Most Attractive: Vonshef Folding Blanket

Our Rating:

Stylish and super practical, the Vonshef blanket is a great choice if you’re looking for superior comfort with waterproof backing. 

The first thing you notice is the premium look, stylish, and rustic design. Safe to say, it makes a great addition to a classic wicker picnic basket. Due to the lovely design, it’s a perfect blanket for romantic dates.

The fleece top layer is soft and feels smooth, while the bottom is durable and water-resistant.

The Vonshef picnic blanket is quite large, it fits 4 people sitting and dining, or 2 people lounging comfortably. 

What we also like about this blanket, is that it can be washed and air-dried easily without any issues. Because of the plastic waterproof backing, don’t iron it.

It rolls up nicely and has faux leather straps and metal buckles for easy transport. You can easily store it anywhere without taking too much space, 

Cons: the fleece material absorbs heat, making the blanket not ideal in very-hot temperatures.

5. Best Value: YODO Outdoor Blanket

Our Rating:

Next up, we have the Yodo picnic mat, which is lightweight, water-resistant with a soft fleece top surface, and reasonably priced.

It comes in 4 color options with cute patterns. It collapses in a portable small-sized carry bag, easy to take anywhere with you. Some people always keep it in the car for spontaneous outings. The carry handle is strong and reliable.

Perfect for 2-3 adults to lay on it comfortably. The bottom layer is waterproof, preventing dampness to penetrate the mat. So you can safely use it on wet grass.

Another great feature is that it doesn’t pick up grass, leaves, sand or dirt. It shakes clean with ease.

People who bought the Yodo blanket, also use it on rocky ground with success. Although the blanket is rather thin, is strong enough to withstand some abuse from a rougher terrain.

The price/value ratio is excellent. 

Perfect blanket for tailgating, backpacking, hiking, picnics, beach or festivals.

What you might not like: not windproof (in windy weather you should place some rocks in the corners to weigh it down).

6. Best for Cold Weather: OCEAS Waterproof

Our Rating:

The All-Weather Oceas blanket might be your next favorite choice for chilly camping days, cozy morning and sunset picnics. Designed with the latest premium materials, the Oceas is 100% waterproof, durable, lightweight and very comfortable. 

Unlike other brands, Oceas comes with a double-coated waterproof backing to ensure that no water can seep through. The thick bottom also adds protection and durability.

It’s spacious, and can fit up to 3 adults comfortably, when unfolded measuring 79’’ x 58’’. 

The top fabric is plush fleece, soft, smooth, comfortable and provides insulation to keep you dry and cozy all day long. 

It’s designed to be ultra-portable, fits into a carrying bag with handle strap, easy to transport and to travel with.

Perfect for rainy days and at the same time, perfect for sunny beach picnics. Multipurpose and versatile, ideal for camping, hiking, festivals, concerts, picnics, and sports events. 

7. Best Wool Luxury Blanket: Wild in Bloom

Our Rating:

A luxurious wool picnic blanket is the Wild in Bloom outdoor blanket. If you’re looking for something stylish, elegant, thick, cozy and practical, this one might be the perfect choice for you. 

This one makes an ideal and well-thought gift for outdoor lovers. Perfect for luxury picnics at the beach, lake outings, boatings or yacht outdoor dining trips. But also, ideal for concerts, football games, picnics or stargazing.

Designed with attention to details, the superior stitching, and leather straps make this item unique. 

It has 3 layers of fabrics that offer protection from rocky, wet, muddy or rough ground. The waterproof backing doesn’t allow water to seep through.

The insulation is thick and makes the blanket ideal for colder temperatures too.

It rolls into a convenient size, and it fastens with leather straps for easy storage and quick transportation.

Cons: expensive

8. Best Budget: Camco Classic Checkered

Our Rating:

This red and white checkered picnic blanket looks classic and traditional. The gingham design stands out and gives the blanket a vintage vibe. The Camco mat is the cheapest blanket on this list and comes with decent quality. 

It’s waterproof, portable and lightweight. The backing is water-resistant and will keep you dry and comfy, plus it doesn’t pick up grass or dirt.

The top material is not as comfortable or durable as other higher priced blankets, but for the price, it is quite nice. 

People love to use it at music festivals or outdoor events. The mat is large enough to fit 2 people.  We recommend the Camco picnic mat if you’re on a budget and looking for a cute picnic blanket that’s great for a few outings.

9. Best (Sand Free) Beach Blanket: Wildhorn Sand Escape

Our Rating:

Ideal for beach days, the Wilhorn Outfitters is designed to give you the ultimate sand-free experience. 

Made from high-quality 100% parachute nylon, this beach blanket is durable, tear-resistant, and puncture-resistant. 

The nylon fabric is very lightweight, making the blanket easy to carry. It can be packed to fit into a very small-sized tote bag. 

The WildHorn Outfitters is huge in size offering 63 square feet, large enough for your whole family. 

As the name says, “Sand Escape”, the blanket is crafted so the sand won’t stick to it. The sand simply shakes off and you have a clean surface. 

To perform great during windy beach days, it comes with 4 anchor pockets that you can fill with sand to secure the blanket down and enjoy the sun comfortably.

You also have access to plenty of pockets to put your keys, sunglasses, sunscreen or phone.

10. Best for kids and babies: JJ Cole Essentials

Our Rating:

If you’re picnicking with kids, then you might fall in love with the JJ Cole outdoor padded blanket. Designed for babies, this blanket is cushioned, water-resistant, layered, easy to transport and super easy to clean. 

No worries about food crumbs or juice spills – you can easily wipe it off clean in a few seconds. Parents who bought this love to use it for trips to the park, beach days or for playdates in the backyard. 

It quickly folds into itself into a compact carry bag with pocket and removable shoulder strap for easy transportation.

JJ Cole designed this blanket with 3 layers which add thickness, durability and extra comfort. The outside material is 100% polyurethane – water-resistant, protective, rugged and durable, which acts as a barrier between you and the ground. 

The middle and top layer is 100% polyester and 100% polyester foam, adding cushion, thickness, and softness.

This baby picnic blanket is machine washable and dries off very fast. Available in various pretty colors and partners, and in a larger size 5’ x 7’.

11. Best for Travel: BEARZ Compact

Our Rating:

Compact, portable and travel-ready, the BEARZ outdoor pocket blanket is ideal for any outdoor adventures. 

Versatile and multi-functional, this one is perfect for sandy beaches, camping trips, traveling and picnics everywhere.

As the name suggests, the BEARZ fits into your pocket making it one of the most convenient options from this list. You can throw it in your backpack, in your basket or keep it in the car – you won’t even know it’s there.

Unfolded, it measures 55’’ x 60’’, offering more than enough space for 2-4 persons to lay comfortable. 

Due to its water-resistance, some campers use it as a rain tarp. The Bearz is also puncture resistant and sand-proof, perfect for beach picnics. 

It comes in 6 colors, green, red, pink, camouflage, blue and yellow. 

12. Compact and easy to carry: ONIVA by Picnic Time

Our Rating:

Made from 100 % polyester fleece with water-resistant backing, the ONIVA XL outdoor picnic blanket is extra large and very comfortable.

It packs down into itself, in a compact-sized tote with zippered pocket and shoulder strap. 

The bottom layer protects the blanket from any ground dampness, making it ideal for any outdoor occasion. Big enough for 4 adults, offering 38 square feet space. 

It’s well-built, durable and priced reasonably.

Some people complained that it doesn’t provide enough cushion when placed on rocky terrain. Best used on soft grass or directly on the sand.

How to choose the best picnic blanket

Buying Guide
best picnic blankets

The top fabric should be soft, cozy and comfortable

We recommend you to opt for a soft blanket, that provides cushioning to allow you to lay on it comfortably. Comfy blankets come with 3 layers of materials, making the blanket thicker and super comfortable. The top should also feel nice and smooth to the skin. A proper top fabric should be delicate enough for a baby to sit and crawl on.  

The backing should be durable, tearproof and water-resistant

At the same time, durability plays a huge role when choosing an outdoor blanket. Ideally, the bottom should be sturdy, reliable, waterproof and designed to withstand rough terrain. Plastic-backings are popular and good choices. They’re impermeable and act as a barrier between you and the ground. 

Waterproof linings

Sometimes the ground/grass/sand is wet, damp or dirty. Choose a waterproof blanket that doesn’t allow moisture or water to seep through. This will keep you dry and comfortable. If you want the best of the best, go with a blanket that’s waterproofed on both sides. 

Weighted corners for beach

If you’re looking for a beach blanket, make sure it comes with pocket corners built to be filled with sand to weigh the blanket down. Perfect for windy days and keeping your thin blanket in place.

Should be lightweight

Choose a lightweight picnic blanket, that won’t take much effort to carry it to your destination

Foldable for easy to transport

Portability is one of the most important features to consider in a picnic blanket. You need a compact-sized blanket, foldable and easy to carry. When folded, it should fit into a small carry bag or should roll into itself, with a handy handle.

Machine washable & easy to clean

When you’re picnicking and eating on your blanket, it’s likely you’ll spill something on it. Go with a material that repels liquids and doesn’t absorb them, and can be wiped clean easily with dry tissues. Dirty paws or wet sandy feet can be a problem if the blanket is not machine washable. Make sure to choose a blanket that can be washed in a machine without ruining the fabrics. 


Blankets come in all sizes. Choose a size that can fit comfortably at least 2 adults. Usually the larger, the better. It should provide enough space for you and your friends to lay on your backs without touching the grass/sand.

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